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  1. Nursing 20 month old will be away from me one day/week

    I am still nursing my 20 month old son which I hope to continue until he turns 2 years old. Somedays he nurses 5 times a day, somedays 8, he has no schedule. I work from home 2 days a week and all...
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    Pumping/supply question

    I pump every evening at 10pm (resulting in about 3 oz) and I now have a large stash in my deep freeze. I only use about 12 oz/week of my frozen milk and am currently starting to use milk pumped from...
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    Please help with going back to work

    I will be starting back to work in about a month and will be working Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I work from home but will be with clients. My baby will be 6 months old at the time and...
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    Just started pumping...

    ...and I have a few questions.

    1. What are the rules for combining expressed milk from different pumping sessions (milk in the fridge & milk in the deep freeze)

    2. Does milk have to be cooled...
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    How to start pumping?

    I will be going back to work in 3.5 weeks (for 3 days a week). Right now my DS is one month old and exclusively breastfed. I would like to start pumping so that he will take a bottle as I have...
  6. Please help with breastfeeding questions

    I appreciate all responses to my breastfeeding questions regarding my 3 week old who is EBF.

    Spitting up: He seems to be spitting up about 3 times a day. He does this after taking the second...
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