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  1. Ear infection and using breastmilk for it?

    My 17 month bf girl had an ear infection as of this past Wednesday on her right ear. She has had a cough and runny nose for a week and a half so I'm almost certain it's a viral infection which is why...
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    Thrush or Residue?

    I think all along my girl has had milk residue but has been treated for thrush. She doesn't have anything on her tongue, just spot spots on her cheek and inside lip. While sleeping I rubbed with a...
  3. 14 month old with thrush..again...ugh

    Daughter had thrush about 2 months ago, before being treated for a uti. Not it's back. Jack Newman and other docs say not to treat unless it's an issue. But does it go away. I feel fine, she doesn't...
  4. How long is the SNS by Medela good for?

    Don't see any info. about it in manual??
  5. Should I give 14 month old any vitamins?

    I give her Vit D. but was wondering if she needs anything else.
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    Re: table manners and 13 month old

    My son did the same so I'm not too worried about it, since he can sit through a meal with no problems. So by table manners I mean more so teaching that a meal starts and ends at the table. My son had...
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    table manners and 13 month old

    My 13 month old can sit on her high chair for 10-15 minutes but once she gets towards the end of her feeding wants to walk with foods that she can hold in her hand. I understand that walking is tons...
  8. Re: How much water or juice does your baby drink?

    Any juice?
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    Re: Thrush and UTI :(

    Thanks so much!! One day at a time..
  10. How much water or juice does your baby drink?

    I don't give my 12 month old juice, but was wondering how much water you give them.
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    Thursh and Santizing Sippy Cup

    Can I sanitize/boil at the end of the end or after every use on a given day? Thanks in advance for your reply.
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    Thrush and UTI :(

    Took 12 month old DD to ER today since it was bugging me that her pee was stinky and the test after the catheter (which broke my heart) tested abnormal. The culture won't come back for 2 days so doc...
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    Re: What do feed a baby with thrush?

    Doc didn't say anything about foods, but my midwife suggested we keep away from dairy, wheat and sugar, which of course is almost in everything. I'm thin to begin with so I feel like I've lost...
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    What do feed a baby with thrush?

    It's so hard to stay away from fruits since they are great snacks. I feel like whole grain foods are the only safe foods. I just want the white in her mouth to go away :(
  15. Re: Thrush and being immune compromised. Should I give vitam

    In our case I don't have symptoms but girl has pearly patches inside her cheeks and tongue. Since she's one it's tough to get the q-tip in her mouth. I feel so wiped out over this thrush thing,...
  16. Are breastfed babies more pone to Thrush?

    Is it because of the sugars in breastmilk?
  17. Re: Thrush and being immune compromised. Should I give vitam

    We are part of the healthy group. Baby hasn't even gotten a cold all year. Super healthy. Thrush was our first visit for meds. How much did you use GSE, Joe.s. mom in those 3-4 days?
  18. Re: Thrush and being immune compromised. Should I give vitam

    As in a multi-vitamin. I'm sure it's thrush since she has white patches on the inside of her cheek. Doc also confirmed it. I don't have any symptoms but I too have been applying the Grapefuit Seed...
  19. Thrush and being immune compromised. Should I give vitamins?

    1 yr old has thrush and I've been trying to treat with with Grapefruit Seed Extract for last 2 days. Haven't seen much change in her mouth.

    Should I be giving her vitamins now?

    I wish I could...
  20. Feel guilty over using Nystatin...ugh

    I have given it to her twice today and both times she truly disliked...dreading another 2 weeks of it, but she has it in mouth and diaper area, plus she had yellowish discharge and stinky urine. She...
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    Re: Vitamins after 1 year?

    Any other vitamins other that Vit. D.?
  22. Re: A little sinky downstairs :( Help mamma of baby girls!

    Yes, I use disposable ones. Ped attributed it to possibly not having enough water. She doesn't have signs of yeast downstairs. I will plan to air her out esp. at night after a bath when I know she...
  23. 12 months but feeling empty during day?

    My girl nurses happily and frequently during the day, but more at night while we sleep. Is it normal not to feel kinda of pancakish at this point of breastfeeding? She mainyl nurses on my left so I...
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    Vitamins after 1 year?

    I've only given my girl Vit D drops since birth, but with the winter months approaching and since she nurses less I was thinking of adding a vitamin to the mix. Suggestions? I'm taking her for...
  25. A little sinky downstairs :( Help mamma of baby girls!

    My girl gets a bath every night, so it's not for lack of bathing, but when I change her, I get a funky smell coming from her vagina. It's not horrible but my senses are pretty strong. Her pee has...
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