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    Re: Pumping and nosy coworkers

    While I was still pumping at work, my co-workers made me this really cool sign with an oil drill on it and it said, "Caution: Woman Pumping? Enter at your own risk!" I love that sign and I still...
  2. Re: Getting Frustrated with My 19 month Old

    I am so sorry that you are struggling, but don't beat yourself up. Getting frustrated from time to time is part of the deal. But you understand why now and you are trying to correct it. That is...
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    Re: need reassurance

    What you have posted sounds exactly like our scenario when I returned to work. I found that we are often thrown off because the formula fed babies out there take so much as opposed to our little...
  4. Re: Self soothing vs. Attachment parenting

    My son has had some eratic sleep behavior since birth. Sometimes he will wake 6 times per night and sometimes just twice. Then about a month and a half ago it went to just twice per night and that...
  5. Re: Health Care Bill contains language requiring employers to provide place to pump!

    That's awesome! I recently stopped pumping during the day but for the 1st 13 months of my child's life I had to put up my phoney cardboard walls that I constructed myself to have some privacy in my...
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    Re: Dad ready before Mom

    Thanks for all the input ladies. As it turns out, most of the issue was due to the fact that I have been making many parenting decisions without giving him some sort of say in the matter and he was...
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    Dad ready before Mom

    The title says it all......DF is feeling that he wants me to start weaning this fall when DS is 18 months. I don't want to begin weaning until DS is a full 2 years of age. DF is really pushing for...
  8. Re: Pumped Milk - how much to give 5 week old?

    When I had to return to work, my son was 6 weeks old and would take about 1-2 ounces per feeding when I was away from him. He would require about 6-7 ounces for a full day.......well more like 7...
  9. Re: Night time feedinig and crying/screaming in his sleep

    Whooey on that report talking about eliminating the 2am feeding. Everything I have read states that when you want to night wean, it's best to wait until they are at least a year old. Of course,...
  10. Re: I desperately need some help with milk imbalance please

    When I was having an issue with not enough hind milk, it was suggested to me by the ladies in my local group that I give my breast some squeezes (as much of my hand around the breast as possible)...
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    Re: When did your period return?

    9 mos for us, although still night nursing and co-sleeping. Then it skipped a month and I had a DOOZY of a period when he was 11 months.....still night nursing and co-sleeping. Now, he is 13 months...
  12. Re: So my Baby Boy turned One on Friday.... First Post!

    My son is 13 months and he nurses 4-6 times on the days that I work and 6-8 times on the weekends when we are home together. As for food, there are days when he wants to nurse more than eat and...
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    Re: Baby Gas and Breastfeeding

    Here is what I have used with my son, successfully. Bicycle legs, with a warm bath and a couple of tablespoons of fennel tea. I take the fennel seeds and make a tea with them. It smells and tastes...
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    Re: When to stop pumping at work

    I stopped pumping at work at 12 months. DS is now 13 months and it seems to be working quite well for us thus far. And I really enjoy the nursing that we do together when we get home from our day!
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    Re: Pasty poop.. is he constipated?

    When my son was about the same age, he began the same "routine" as what you just described with his poops. If it is the consistency of peanut butter then I would say that what your LO is...
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    Re: Nursing stool - yay or nay?

    Is this just a stool to prop up your feet while nursing? I often prop up my feet (if that's what this is for) but I just put them up on whatever is convenient and that's free.
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    Re: Mango fruit dessert?

    I have been giving my DS mango, papaya and pineapple since he was about 7-8 months old without any negative effects.
  18. Re: Do you hide the fact that you are still nursing?

    My son is about to turn 1. I know that's still early, but I heard the most ridiculous comment and I wanted to chime in on the thread. I was nursing him the other day and was told, "but he's so big...
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    Re: Teething Help

    I tried to avoid tylenol when my son was that young. I gave him Hyland's teething tablets or the Gentle Nature teething liquid.
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    Re: Falling Asleep

    I used to get so scared that I was going to drop my baby. I would wear a sling-type thing around my arms just to make sure it didn't happen. Freaked me the heck out.
  21. Re: how often should 15 week old be BFing?

    Momma, you are RIGHT......go figure that you know your child better than others or some book!:D The schedule you have your LO on is perfect and it seems to be working quite well for both of you. As...
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    Re: Falling Asleep

    I totally agree with what the PP just said. I was the same way after I first delivered my son. Once your body gets more rested you won't be falling asleep each time, however at 11 1/2 months I...
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    Re: teething?

    That sounds like my son when he was teething at first. And yes, it is quite scary. Also, I think he was having night terrors as well. I would just do my best to comfort him and also found the...
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    Re: nipple pacifier

    My son has always been a comfort nurser and we have never used a pacifier. However, when I am away from him, he doesn't seem to have the need to comfort nurse. It's only with me, and that has worked...
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    Re: jar food and homemade

    I started out with making babyfood and then did go more towards BLS. What works for me in both instances is that I bring the highchair into the kitchen with me and give him little pieces of food to...
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