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    Re: Tons of nursing!

    I think it is pretty normal! lol Chloe will sometimes nurse 10x a day or 4x! I just never know with that one. :lol
  2. Re: 16 months and black stools...Dehydration?!

    Hi ladies, just updating. Chloe's poops are back to normal! yay! lol I think she was a little constipated. Thanks for all the replies. :hug
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    Re: how long did you nurse

    Awnja, what a beautiful post! I too was shaking my head while reading!

    Currently Chloe is almost 17 months and still going strong. We will continue on as long as she wants and needs it. :love
  4. Re: 16 months and black stools...Dehydration?!

    Thanks ladies. I paged her doctor yesterday, we are going to wait until Monday. If she has another they will take a sample to be safe. The Dr. doesn't think it is anything really but I am watching...
  5. Re: 16 months and black stools...Dehydration?!

    I have been trying to think if it could be a food. But she has been eating all her usual foods, nothing new. She has been a little constipated so maybe that?
  6. 16 months and black stools...Dehydration?!

    Hi ladies. I am getting a little worried about Chloe. She is 16 months and for the past 2 days she has had black stools. I am starting to worry about possible dehydration. She drinks a little water...
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    Re: New With ?

    Hi and :welcome! Unfortunatly many peditricians are not up to date w/ correct data about BFing, especially BFing after 1 year! Breastmilk has everything your dd needs, yes even at age 1. It doesn't...
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    Re: Firey nipples?

    Cayla your nipple doesn't have to be white, usually it is more red than normal. Also baby doesn't necessarily have to have thrush either. Do you get any shooting pains while nursing? Hang in there!...
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    Re: Firey nipples?

    To me this sounds like Thrush? I battled it for 3 months and the only thing that worked was a prescrip for Diflucan.

    Here is a good article on it
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    Re: Nursing past a year and why?

    Thank you ladies so much. Honestly breastfeeding has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. :love
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    Re: Nursing past a year and why?

    Andrea ahh she is! :cry Crazy huh? Thanks for the link!
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    Nursing past a year and why?

    Ok girls give me the run down! Chloe is almost 17 months and still happily nursing. I am getting the questions now! Like "Why are you still nursing?" What do you all say? Thanks! :love
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    Re: Well.....

    That is wonderful! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE ONE!!! Great job Mama! :clap
  14. Re: Staying latched ALL night!

    So guess who has a ear infection?! This explains the all night latching. Poor thing. I brought her in to her ped today. Hopefully she will start feeling better. Thanks for all the replies! :love
  15. Re: Staying latched ALL night!

    You know I am wondering if she either has an ear infection or is teething. I think I may bring her to the ped to check.
  16. Staying latched ALL night!

    Ok we cosleep and I don't mind nursing Chloe (13 months) a few times at night but lately she has needed to stay latched ALL night. I can't sleep and I am so hot! If I try and unlatch her she screams...
  17. Re: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    Hi Debi! So nice to see you still posting. I don't get on much. As far as your DD, could you share her stats? Chloe barely gained 1Lb from her 9 month to her 12 month and her ped is not concerned.
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    Re: How often does your lo nurse?

    First off major kudos for exbf twins! :clap My LO is 12 months and nurses anywhere from 2-5x a day and then at least 2x a night. I find that now that Chloe is busy scooting everywhere and playing...
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    Re: DD's doctor

    so awesome! Chloe's Dr was supportive too! :clap
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    Re: We're here too!

    We are newly here too! Congrats Mama! :clap
  21. Re: 1 year checkup and what the Dr said

    Yeah it was really nice to hear. I know there are so many Doctors out there who know squat about BFing beyond 1!
  22. 1 year checkup and what the Dr said

    So I was dreading the "Are you still nursing?" question from Chloe's ped. And when it came I said Yes we are, we aren't ready to wean. She said "That is totally fine! Many babies wean around 2 some...
  23. Re: a HUGE thank you for all of you...

    That is great to hear! Great job mama! :hug
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    Re: Are we doing alright?

    Ahhh another badly informed medical professional! :rolleyes: You keep doing what your doing mama! Your milk is all she needs! When and if you are ready to give her cows milk, just buy the type that...
  25. Wow I am posting here! :) question

    Chloe turned one yesterday and is still going strong w/ BFing! :clap Just wondering if this is normal. She seems to nurse about 3x a day and then A LOT a night. I don't mind TOO much but it is sort...
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