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  1. Re: LO pulls off crying from least fave breast--HELP!

    Thanks Andrea! I thought it might be a bit early and my supply needs to still even out a bit, but should I stop pumping? Or just not pump on the side that he likes? And please share some of your...
  2. LO pulls off crying from least fave breast--HELP!

    My 7wk DS latched on for the first time on my left breast. Since then, he has always fought the right one. I am definately lopsided, with the right side becoming very full very often. His latch...
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    Re: Pumping to have a "stash" = engorgement?

    thanks for resonding, Andrea. He didn't say too much else. At first, he asked me if I had implants, as he felt a sac in my breast. I was engorged in the hosp when my milk came in...this feels much...
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    Pumping to have a "stash" = engorgement?

    DS is 6 wks and I have started pumping once a day, after my AM feeding so that I have a little stash in the freezer "just in case". I bf one side per feeding, ds is thriving & growing, latch is no...
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