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    Re: Co-worker's input, not wanted!

    I would feel just like you expressed. augh!

    I nursed my son till he was 2 1/2 .

    My hints:
    -Reassure yourself with how absolutely clear you are with your values on breastfeeding. ...
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    Re: New mom with too much worry

    Congrads! Way to go with sticking with BFing inspite of some initial difficulty. You sound observant and attentive which is the best way to be a nursing mom.

    I would not try to mold a...
  3. Breastfeeding elected officials on capital hill


    This CNN story on mothers with babies serving office in Capital Hill. There are 3-4 short videos attached. Sen....
  4. Re: Difficult to Nurse --> Cracked & Sore Nipples

    Congrads on your baby mommy2max!

    I am sorry that you are sore and frustrated. augh. These first few weeks can have some stressful times while baby learns. I felt pretty lonely at times...
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    Re: FTM with pumping questions

    1) If he only takes 1 breast, do I have to pump the other one immediately after? I'm just wondering b/c this is not something I want to do at 2am
    If I don't and LO goes 4 hours, the other breast...
  6. Re: 3 Weeks to go and not enough freezer stash

    Way to go, pulling off the working as a new mom! You don't sound exhausted in you message. Wow.

    My production wasn't what I needed for a while. Nurse heavily on the weekends/non-work...
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    Re: Not Enought Time To Pump

    Yup, Pennsylvania does not have a law requiring 15min am and pm breaks. http://www.dli.state.pa.us/landi/cwp/view.asp?a=142&Q=61106 Weird if you ask me.

    I think one angle would be to ask you...
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    Re: Maternity Leave?

    I am a US federal employee. My child is now 11 which means that FMLA was not in place when he was born. No one could tell me what the maternity leave policy was. I just asked other moms what...
  9. Re: not emptying breast...and other issues

    Two young girls! You lucky mom!

    She may just be on a lull in growth. Like you mentioned when she feeds less, your production will go down. Would that be a problem? When she hits another...
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    Re: I think I messed up... again!

    Its great that you are asking for help! The first 7 weeks were rough for me and the support from the LC got me through it. She reassured me with good knowledge so I was then confident about what...
  11. Re: Transition from bottle to breast - possible?

    For the first few days I was only feeding at the breast. Overall my son did pretty good latching on. We needed fine tuning thought. It was my disabling pain and wounds that led us to the pump. ...
  12. Re: Managing nursing baby while working

    You are right... he is only 13 weeks.

    Sleep - yup, it is in short supply when you have a young baby. Is dad around who could take a nightime feeding once every few day to give you that 5...
  13. Re: nipple pain (small breasts,inverted)/ thrush / frequent hunger

    congrads! You will make it. This rough patch might last some weeks but it will get better. :ita

    My nipples were inverted and the "shooting pain" - yup, that was me. The pain was sharp,...
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    Re: how long do you pump for?

    Not a silly question.

    One thing to think about is how easy your milk pumps. Maybe you can do with a less expensive/less effective pump.

    I worked full time when my DS was that age -...
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    Re: Breast infection?

    I have been around the breast infection route more than once....

    Monitor -
    1) Fever? - call the doc
    2) I would take a ball point pen and draw the perimeter of the redness. this would let...
  16. Re: Transition from bottle to breast - possible?

    Congrads on the your baby boy!

    I nursed my son for the first 5-7 days but had to switch to the bottle. After about 6 weeks of pumping and bottles, we could resume nursing. He did great! ...
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    Re: Pumping to introduce bottle

    Once you have a little supply built up then you just need to pump each time a bottle is given to baby given that the supply used is about the same are pumping to replace it.

    To get that "little...
  18. Re: Managing nursing baby while working

    How much? The 4 oz sounds pretty good, but that specific, I do not recall since my boy now is so old... Can someone else chime in on that.

    While it might have been a growth spurt... I think it...
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    Re: Bad latch?

    The fact that you have made these observations is great. Trying to get that lower lip open wide - yup, you are on the right track. Few swallow, hmm...

    The questions that the pp asked are good...
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    Re: I HATE Pumping

    Stay motivated? I just did it. By 9 months I was only pumping 2x a day - only at work. It wasn't motivation. I was just what I did - like brushing my teeth.

    If anyone asked me "why I was...
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    Re: Help keep me going

    At 13 weeks, LO gets plenty just from getting the attention that I can tell you are giving him. Play stations and structured activities are not needed. A couple of colorful, textured babysafe...
  22. Re: Milk Supply - A little freaked out

    First week back to work - stress would always reduce my milk production.

    I assume that you are nursing when you get home. You don't say how old your LO is or how much nursing you do. So,...
  23. Re: ?'s about switching from pump to breast...

    You sound over the moon about your girl. Congrads!

    I also had a rough start. Very bad open wounds. I also pumped for some weeks. Yah, no one told me how hard the first 4-8 weeks would...
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    Re: When did it stop hurting for you?

    I had a very rough first 6 weeks or so and then we were on cruise for the next 26 months!

    I had sharp intense pain and at times would be biting my lip with tears streaming down. I ended up...
  25. Re: Managing nursing baby while working

    Overall it sounds like you are doing what you should be doing. Back to work at 12 weeks is challange. You seem to have created a good setup. How lucky to have daycare across the street!

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