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  1. Which is yields more milk - Longer or more often?

    Right now I am currently pumping three times while at work, approximately 30-40 minutes each time. I have a laptop in the "mother's room" so the amount of time that I am away from my desk pumping is...
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    Loss of appetite

    Any insight into sudden loss of appetite in my 6-month old?

    I have been back to work for 3 months. My daughter eats 6 times/day. Once in the morning (6 am) before I leave for work, three bottles...
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    Low birth weight - advice needed

    My daughter is 5 weeks old (current weight - 6.3; birth weight - 5.4) and has been granted permission from her pediatrician to move toward demand led feedings (we had been on a strict every 2 hour...
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