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    Re: Talk to me about height growth

    That is what was initially thought because she had been doing so well up to the 4 month point. Ped says that they might have been overzealous in the the 2 month measurement.

    Good diapers -...
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    Talk to me about height growth

    Hi All - I posted about 4 months ago on my 6 months' old growth. She is now 10 months and we are still have FTT issues.

    At first, weight seemed to be the issue, but after 4 months, I'm not so...
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    Re: What can I take?

    I had bronchitis a few months ago and it was so bad I had to use an inhaler. I didn't take the antibiotics that were prescribed, but that inhaler worked wonders and it didn't seem to affect my...
  4. Re: 6 month growth slowed - breastfeeding problem?

    Thanks for the links! I've started to babywear - with something makeshift until I can get a wrap from a friend. I'll cut out all solids and see how that works.

    One thing, I did print out the chart...
  5. Re: 6 month growth slowed - breastfeeding problem?

    Here's the scoop since the forums were down:

    DD is 7.5 months now and has gained a whopping net of 5 ounces. Since my last post we've gained and lost, gained and lost. This week we lost so she's...
  6. Re: weight update and referral to GI specialist.

    :hello I'm in the same situation as you are - so I have no advice either. Just support. :hug
  7. Re: 6 month growth slowed - breastfeeding problem?

    Yep - it is a small office, just the one pediatrician, nurse, and receptionist. She gets weighed twice to double-check it just in case of error.

  8. Re: 6 month growth slowed - breastfeeding problem?

    Well I was okay - but three weeks later and she has not gained anything. I saw a lactation consultant who advised that I nurse then feed her - which is what I had been doing and she ended up losing 4...
  9. Re: 6 month growth slowed - breastfeeding problem?

    Thank you so much for the encouragement! The GI upset me and I was freaking out about my milk quality - but you're right, she would have so many other problems.

    I guess I started the solids...
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    Re: let-down letting me down

    I am experiencing the same thing. DD is 6 months and in the beginning I felt it strongly. I don't feel so much anymore, but if I really concentrate then I do. I just notice that I let-down when she...
  11. 6 month growth slowed - breastfeeding problem?

    My dd2 is 6 months old (on Friday) and weighs 13lbs, 14 oz & is 25 inches long. She was born at 7lb, 3 oz. & 20 inches. She has not doubled her weight.

    The problem is this: at her 2 month checkup...
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