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    Re: When to stop cosleeping

    Thanks for the answers. İ was just concerned because i heard she wont sleep on her own even she gets older. İ wanted to make sure that i am not doing something wrong. Actually deep inside i knew that...
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    When to stop cosleeping

    My daughter is 15 months old and i have been bf since she was born. After i went back to work we started cosleeping during nighttime. İt is more convenient for both of us. Now i concern about the...
  3. Re: Going back to work and want to keep nursing

    İ went back to work when my daughter was almost 11 months old. We hired nanny when she was 9 months old. İ used to pump and leave them at home so that she got used to her. Everything was ok except...
  4. Re: Going back to work in 1 month¬ ea

    Thanks for all the advices. What I observed since I started solids is that she doesn't like to be fed by a spoon. She likes to grap the food. She doesn't eat the whole thing yet but she sucks it. I...
  5. Re: Going back to work in 1 month¬ ea

    I tried different bottles but it doesn't work. The nanny strated 3 days ago so it is not much time. I will be gone for a cpouple of hours and she will try to give bottle again. When it comes to solid...
  6. Going back to work in 1 month¬ eating

    Hello everyone,
    I am a mother of an eight month old beatiful girl. I am going back to work in one month. For about two months ago I started offering her some solid food but she is not interested....
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