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    Re: It's Back! =(

    I actually got my cycle back around 9.5 months postpartum and my daughter BF'ed ALL THE TIME. She hardly ate solids much until she was around 15-18 months old. I got the copper IUD (Paragard) and...
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    Re: Pediatrician wants to force solids

    I would continue offering foods of a wide variety, off your plate. My DD (always on about 3-8% of the weight scale) never did eat what I'd consider an actual toddler meal until she was around 15...
  3. I met with an old friend...(extended BF'ing)

    I'm visiting my ILs in So. Cal. right now (Long Beach area). We have some friends we knew years ago in Houston when DH & I were engaged. We haven't seen them in over 8 yr. now. They moved to...
  4. Re: wow! a nurse supportive of extended BF'ing!

    Doing pretty good with the breastfeeding, still struggling to keep weight on while nursing. Had a workup at my PCP's and everything's perfectly normal, she concluded it must be the nursing. I've...
  5. wow! a nurse supportive of extended BF'ing!

    I went to a new ob-gyn today for my annual pap smear (last one moved practices) and mentioned to the nurse I was breastfeeding while she was doing my vitals & history. She asked how old my baby was...
  6. Re: What does it mean to be "going strong" with nursing at age one?

    That still sounds strong to me. With toddlerhood, DD's nursing patterns will decrease and then increase (usually around teething or developmental milestone), then decrease, increase again, you get...
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    2 year of booby today!

    I can't believe my baby is 2 today! We are still BF'ing with no sign of weaning. In the beginning, I didn't think I'd make it 2 months, much less 2 years. It's been an amazing journey and one of...
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    Re: Can't believe this.... two years!

    Congratulations Mama!:clap
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    Re: called a "nut"

    Well, DH and I had always planned to wean DD when she turned 1, but then her birthday came last December and she was barely eating solids at all (and some days not at all) and wouldn't drink cow's...
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    Re: Great moments of nursing a toddler...

    So sweet! DD is almost 23 months old, and I have to agree there are some wonderful moments toddler nursing--some sweet, some funny, and some downright bizarre, like the time DD alternated nursing...
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    the way we wake up now

    It is good that while having a hard time dealing with DH's recent unexpected unemployment, we still can get comic relief from DD's (almost 23 months) chattering. This morning, when DD woke up (we...
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    Re: Question-Dad's opinion?

    I think both DH & I felt I would stop BF'ing Tessa at 12 months. (I don't know, I was a bit naive and just assumed you should stop BF'ing at 12 months because that was what everyone said. I totally...
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    Re: Nursing an 8 year old...

    I attended my first LLL meeting when DD was 3 months old, and I was shocked to see moms nursing toddlers, even 3 and 4 year olds. BUT...now I am so glad I was exposed to extended nursing early on...
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    those darn BF'ing hormones!

    OMG, I can't believe what I just did. I BF DD down for her nap (she had a busy day and was worn out enough to go down for a change!). I swear any time DD BF's for an extended time (longer than 5...
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    Re: Advance Warning - Rant!

    I'm so sorry you're still having that problem! I am just getting over mastitis and getting clogs worked out. Luckily, DD (also almost 21 months old), decided to nurse a ton overnight last night...
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    Re: do you take a prenatal vitamin?

    No, I don't. I take calcium because I don't get enough through my diet some days, but that's it. I actually found out a couple months ago that I had way too much vitamin B6 (B6 toxicity), and it...
  17. Re: horrible clog & engorgement on right side

    Thanks for the replies! I'm doing much better this morning.

    Taking 2 Advil instead of just 1 seemed to help some and last night, DD decided she wanted to nurse all night overnight (I think her...
  18. Re: horrible clog & engorgement on right side

    I tried dangle nursing and she didn't stay at it long. I think maybe if she woke overnight to BF that might be the only time she would dangle nurse without distractions.

    I haven't tried the...
  19. horrible clog & engorgement on right side

    DD is 20 months old and I think may be on the road to weaning. She has slowed down her nursing to mainly comfort nursing, with the possible exception of the before bed session (sometimes she will BF...
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    Re: too much juice maybe...

    Have you tried a different type of sippy with water? For instance, DD will only drink juice from her usual sippies but will drink water from sippies with straws or cups with a straw or a Minnie...
  21. new daytime independence & increased comfort nursing at night related?

    DD is 20 months old. Pretty much since we got home from the hospital with her, she has been high needs and very attached to me. She has been a Velcro baby and has wanted me holding her or beside...
  22. Re: Confused & Depressed Please Hear Me Out And Give Me Some Advice

    Definitely listen to your instincts and I would make sure you never get scheduled for that nurse practitioner again! I hope you can find a different ped. practice.

    My DD was only just over 21 lb....
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    so grateful I'm still BF'ing!

    DD is 19 months old. The past few days have been rough. On Thursday, DD came down with her first stomach virus and started puking and had diarrhea. She wouldn't drink much water, juice, or...
  24. 19 month old wanting to nurse more than ever

    DD is 19 months old. Earlier, she had drastically reduced her number of daytime feedings. Some days she would nurse in the morning and then not again until bedtime (some days she wouldn't even BF...
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    Re: If I knew then what I know now.....

    If I don't love BF'ing in the beginning, I should not feel guilty. It is normal not to love it right away. I didn't start enjoying it until DD was 2.5 months old, but now she is almost 19 months...
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