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  1. Re: Baby was taking a bottle with breastmilk, but won't anymore

    We tried several different nipples and flow rates the one my son prefered is the ones that came with the medela pump.
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    Re: whittlestone breast pump

    I use the medela pump in style advanced. I usaully get 5-7 ounces when I 'm away.
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    Re: Milk alternatives when weaning

    My son is now 13 mos and I too am exhausted! A few weeks ago I started cutting back on his night time feedings. For the first 2-3 weeks he still woke up like he did before to nurse, but instead of...
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    Re: Zoloft while Breastfeeding???

    I too take Zoloft. I talked with the pharmacist about when the drug level peaks, highest in your blood stream, for me it works better to take it in the evening because my son nurses more during the...
  5. Re: Suggestions on good pumps for short term use

    I work part time as a nurse so I have little time to get the job done. I have the medela pump in style advance. Like the hospital grade pumps it has the suckle and let down button. I'm able to get...
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    Re: Preemie Help!

    Are you both getting treated for the yeast infection? I remember how much it hurt, but after a couple days of Diflucan it was SO much better. Also they told me not to use any lansinoh, to change my...
  7. Re: Breastmilk at Room Temperature & Storage Issues

    Hope this helps some the storage guideline chart did not copy. It is available on their site. www.medela.com . I typed in milk storage in the FAQ section. My pump also came with a booklet. If...
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    Re: preemies catching up

    My son too was 8 weeks early. I know that it is recommended to strictly breastfeed for the first 6 months. So if you adjust his age to when he should have been born it would 8 months. I think we...
  9. Re: I want to wean DD but I'm concerned..

    I don't know if your baby would like a smoothie, but it's how I got my son to start with a straw. I used soy milk, banana, apple, blueberry,ice and tahini. I use the tahini a lot. Add to to...
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    Re: latching problems

    Diana- I'm glad that feedings are going better! I remember having trouble the firs 4-8 weeks and then one day I realized that we were doing well and didn't even realize when the switch occured! In...
  11. Temas: Hello

    by proudmamma

    Re: Hello

    I hope that everyone's babies are doing well and continuing to grow strong and healthy. I had my son at 32 weeks. He just turned one and in the past year has grown 10 inches and gained 14 1/2 lbs! ...
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    Re: is it Reflux???please help!

    y son would do the same thing as yours. Throw up or look like he was gagging. He was put on zantac as well when he was about 6-8 weeks old and had to continue it until he was 10 months. The...
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    Re: Can I take this??

    I too took Celexa before I got pregnant. When my son was about 6 months old I knew that I needed to be back on medication. My OB didn't recommend restarting the Celexa, but instead started Zoloft. ...
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