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    Re: Weaning...

    I just want to say that I completely understand the feeling of not wanting to nurse anymore, of being frustrated when your child nurses. My son weaned shortly before his third birthday and I was so...
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    Re: 3 year old- suggestions?

    dj's mom, what does your tattoo look like? sounds like a cool idea!

    Jades mom, my DS weaned shortly before his 3rd birthday. The last two nursing sessions to go were first thing in the morning,...
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    Re: PICKY eater

    My son is a VERY PICKY eater also. At 13 months he basically was not eating "food", and was still nursing almost exclusively. Your DS is still young, so I wouldn't be too worried. That having been...
  4. Re: need some advice on the weaning process with my 2 yr old

    wow thanks ladies! I am anxious about this step but it is time to take the plunge. DS was very slow to take to eating solids but now he is eating like a champ. it is fun to see him becoming a "big...
  5. need some advice on the weaning process with my 2 yr old

    My DS turned 2 years old last Thursday! :yikes
    He has been nursing since birth and I am so proud that we made it this far! He was born with a cleft lip and I work full time outside of the home, so...
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    Re: Anyone else with a tiny toddler?

    my DS is 21 months, and 22 lbs. I don't know his exact height but probably around 30 inches. What cracks me up is in the same day I can have one person ask his age and state how tiny he is, and...
  7. Re: Unexpected valuable BF tool...guilty pleasure?

    PS I could coin a new shortcut: NWF (nursing while facebooking! haha)
  8. Re: Unexpected valuable BF tool...guilty pleasure?

    if it is wrong then I'm in trouble cause I often sit at my laptop while my DS nurses!
  9. Re: One year old refuses to eat ANYTHING!

    he won't even nurse?
    have you tried something like drinkable yogurt or something like that? or a smoothy made with yogurt, fruit, and milk?
  10. Re: babysitting baby not ready for solids?

    I agree with the PP!
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    Re: Family Criticism

    I would absolutely agree with the comments from PPs that indicate that in time your MIL and family might come along in their thinking. When my son was a newborn my parents made it very clear that...
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    Re: She bit me, now what?

    I second the PP, along with the lanolin also try different nursing positions so that some of the pressure is away from the sore. I have been bit and I have also gotten lots of sores from tooth...
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    Re: totally refusing any solids

    my 18 month old still barely eats solids, and he totally refused anything until he was close to a year old. You have a long time yet before you need to get worried! Just offer her things and if she...
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    Re: 15.5 mth old refusing solids

    You are totally right, she will eat when she is ready! My 18 month old is very reluctant about solids, and won't eat anything that is not pureed except for crackers and the occasional other thing. ...
  15. Re: One year old refuses to eat ANYTHING!

    well my 18 month old is on yet another food strike. AND even when he will eat food, he won't eat anything that is not completely pureed. So you're not alone!
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    head turning

    sometimes my 18 month old DS likes to turn his head so that he is facing down towards my belly while he is nursing. Does anyone else's little nurser do this? it is a little annoying! I am just...
  17. Re: Any of you working moms pump for your kids over 1yo while they are at sitter's?

    DS is 18 months and i am still pumping at work, with no end in sight since we are having real problems with solids. My supply dropped significantly after we took our vacation this summer ( I think...
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    Re: 16 month old- is it enough?

    my son LOVES yogurt in any form. have you tried that? You can also get drinkable yogurt. We like that for a meal when we have to be on the go.
  19. Re: Seems interested in solids, yet once it's in the mouth....

    yup my 14 month old still has texture issues. Just keep offering her a variety of things in different textures. My texture challenged DS especially likes yogurt and graham crackers now. But a meal...
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    Re: Solids = cereal?

    I strongly disagree that solids will make your baby "sleep better" and i know that most other moms on here would as well. Each individual baby has his own sleep patterns, and those patterns can...
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    Re: did they stop making the medela PIS?

    don't know, but did you try emailing the company? Their website is www.medela.us
    the PIS is not listed as a product on their website.
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    Re: so new, so confused

    from what I understand, up to a year of age your baby doesn't NEED other sources of nutrition besides breast milk; introducing solids is more about introducing new tastes and textures and getting...
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    Re: frozen milk question

    it has been in a regular freezer. when I thaw any milk I always smell it and sometimes taste a tiny bit as well to make sure it is ok.
  24. Re: Helping yourself and others with pumping

    Hi Plish

    I did take your survey but I forgot one item that I would like to add: It is very important to me that any plastic components of the breast pump be made with safer plastics, and...
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    frozen milk question

    I have always heard that milk is good frozen for around 6 months. I have a ton of frozen milk that is much older than that though, like up to a year old. If it smells and tastes fine when it is...
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