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    Re: Do you find it creepy when they talk about it?

    It does not phase me in the least becaus eto me it simply is not sexualized. Though I am aware of people around me who may see it differently. But teh bond I share with my son through nursing is an...
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    Re: Is this the end???

    Firstly, breathe. As hard as it is, stressing can and will effect your supply. Its hard to let down if you are anxious. Try to pump while thinking of your daughter nursing at the breast, imagine the...
  3. Re: Breastfeeding and the "I hate Cow's Milk..."

    We do not do cows milk at all in our home and I am vegan as well as my youngest at 13 months. I am also slowly weaning my two older kids off of dairy and onto soy substitutes like vegan icecream and...
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