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    Re: under weight??

    I was told that babies should be roughly about double their birth weight by around 4 months and your little one is so sounds fine. Its natural to worry but if the doc is happy and baby is...
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    Re: 2 questions


    My little boy is 11 weeks old and he is doing exactly the same thing. He is sleeping much more through the day than he was before (was worried and checked with docs and everything is fine- not...
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    Re: constant nursing, when will it end?

    I had exactly the same experience with my little one in the early weeks and know how you are feeling and it will get better!!!! My little one was feeding every half an hour and I felt like I was...
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    Re: Newbie Question....

    Congratulations on your new arrival!!! I agree with the previos posts. My breasts often feel like they are empty but then I find that there is plenty of milk coming out. As the previous posts said as...
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    Re: can i still breastfeed

    Yes your milk supply will increase again if you keep at it. If you put your little one on the breast as much as possible your body will start producing more milk, also using a breast pump after your...
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    Re: Supply question, pumping question...

    I agree with the last post that you do not need to get up through the night to express milk. My little one has started sleeping for 8 hours straight at night and this has not affected my milk supply...
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    Re: Maintaining milk supply

    I would try expressing to maintain your milk supply until your little one is feeling better and feeding as normal. hope your little one is better soon
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    Re: how runny are poops typically?

    My little one is the same, 10 weeks old and has always had very runny poos so sounds totally normal
  9. Re: not enough milk and having to give formula- help!!!!


    Thanks for all your replies- my little one is 9 weeks old- sorry I forgot to put his age on my original posting.

    I have tried nursing him more often and I am also expressing after he has...
  10. not enough milk and having to give formula- help!!!!

    Over the last week I seem to be making a lot less milk. My little one is a very big baby and eats a lot and I have always been fine producing enough milk for him (although he does go through stages...
  11. Re: not sure LO is feeding often enough

    my little one is 8 weeks old and goes about that long during the night so sounds fine, he does feed mopre often during the day but every baby is different. Have you had your little one weighed...
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    Re: Pumping - what's the secret?

    Hi, I was using a manual breast pump and was only getting about 1 and a half ounces and had to have my little one on the other breast to be able to get any at all, I was advised to try in the bath...
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    Re: Storing Breast Milk after feeding

    I checked with my local breastfeeding support at the hospital where I delivered and they said that any unused milk must be discarded and cannot be re-used, so I would just throw it away if I were you...
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    Re: baby constantly hungry

    Have managed to make my little one go over an hour between most feeds today which is a dramatic improvement although still some way to go. Took him out in his pram for a nice long walk and he seemed...
  15. Re: So frustrated - am I doing something wrong?

    my little one started doing something similar for a short while about 10 days after he was born, he was frantically latching on but then coming off after a few minutes and repeating this again and...
  16. Re: help - 5 mo nose congested, what if can't nurse?

    my little one had the sniffles 10 days out of hospital and his nose was completely blocked up and he was having difficulty feeding, took him to the doctors and they gave me some saline drops for his...
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    Re: Not eating as often?

    If he's still getting lots of dirty nappies then the chances are everything is fine, maybe take him and get him weighed just to make sure that his weight is still fine, it will probably put your mind...
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    baby constantly hungry

    My baby is 8 weeks old and seems to be constantly hungry. I am solely breastfeeding and although he seems content in the morning and through the night he is permanently hungry from about 12 o clock...
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