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    Re: consejos para vacaciones

    Hay algo que no entiendo. Si vas a la playa con tu bebé, ¿no le vas a dar pecho? Eso estimula mucho más que un saca-leches. ¿A menos que hayas querido decir que vas a la playa SIN tu bebé?
    Por si...
  2. Re: 3er bebe y lactancia fallando, necesito tips!

    Sé que es tarde, pero por si aún sirve: ¿la nutricionista sabía que estabas amamantando? ¿La dieta que te dio lo tomaba en cuenta? No sé si sea importante, pero yo se lo diría de todas maneras.
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    Re: Want my fertility back!

    Just wanted to add that, according to my gyno, the reason nightweaning CAN be more effective than cuts during the day is because the level of the related hormones drops at night. Don't ask me if it...
  4. Toddler now wants only hot (cow's) milk in a bottle??

    My 26 month old has started to drink much more cow's milk than previously, preferably hot and in a bottle. She asks for it first thing in the morning, anytime she's upset, and last night, for the...
  5. Re: Hasta que edad debo dormir a mi nena con el pecho?

    Mi hija tiene 26 meses y, cuando me toca acostarla, siempre lo hago dándole pecho. Creo que es lo más natural del mundo, y me molesta que mucha gente le diga a las madres que no deben hacerlo. Por...
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    Re: Destete doloroso, un paso atrás

    No conozco ningún suplemento natural con esas propiedades, pero debería ser al revés de cuándo dabas con libre demanda y tus pechos eran estimulados a producir más. A medida que sean menos...
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    Re: Dropping our last session

    Glad to read this post, as I have a boobie -loving 2 year old who I would like to wean in the near future, and my concern is with that last going to bed session too.

    Right now she asks at wake up...
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    Re: Playing with nipples

    Wait, you mean twiddling is not something ALL toddlers do?? Oh, lord... I thought there MUST be some evolutionary explanation for it... DD twiddles obsessively, picks at my skin, scratches, sticks...
  9. Re: looking for the perfect breastfeeding relationship

    You might be a positive example to some people and not even realize it!

    Congratulations, by the way, on dealing with the question beautifully!
  10. Re: looking for the perfect breastfeeding relationship

    With some people, it seems to work better to avoid the subject if possible. If they can't say anything nice, then I don't say anything at all!

    Yes, I still breastfeed after nightweaning. It was a...
  11. Re: Sleep Nursing and nursing for a long time

    Don't you love Meg? :clap
  12. Re: Still nursing 19 month old, but want to stop pumping...

    I stopped pumping regularly at work at around 16 months (dd was the last one in her class at daycare to keep getting bottles of ebm!) and it hasn't affected my supply at 21 months now. I feel like my...
  13. Re: looking for the perfect breastfeeding relationship

    It must he really hard to be surrounded by people who love you & your daughter but don't appreciate what you are doing for her. Have you ever shared information with them about the benefits of...
  14. Re: Sleep Nursing and nursing for a long time

    Well, not sure what you'll think of this but... My DD is 21 months old and she will happily stayed latched for over 30 minutes during her last feed before bed. She was always like that, taking her...
  15. Re: Extra small nipples = pumping hell! So frustrated!!!!!

    For sure make the time to see an IBCLC, someone knowledgeable about pumping.

    I've read some moms do better with hand expressing. And of course, you know stressing about is not helping your pump...
  16. Re: Mucousy cough when eating solids

    Don't know if it's related, but when we first started introducing solids (BLW), DD would make a bizarre gurgle when eating mango. Only mango. I thought she might be allergic, but she didn't display...
  17. Re: Ready to pump wean, but son won't drink cow milk

    Concur. At least, my pediatrician does. He told me that as long as I keep breastfeeding, DD doesn't need to drink cow's milk.
  18. Re: Duda sobre frecuencia de las tomas...

    La respuesta es: cada vez que ella quiera, si está aumentando de peso de manera constante y no está aletargada. Algunos también dirían si está mojando 5-6 pañales diarios, pero el peso es una medida...
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    Re: sore/painful nipples

    Does the lump shrink after feeding? It could just be your milk.
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    Re: Blocked duct questions

    A position I found useful for draining a plugged duct was - gonna sound weird - on my hands and knees on the bed, with baby lying underneath, sucking up. No head control required :) The idea being...
  21. Re: Bebe con ictericia leve dificultad al lactar

    Te sacas leche varias veces al día? Se la das en ese mismo día, como suplemento, o la estás guardando? Ahora que está más activo, cómo está tomando? Mejor? Durante más tiempo y hasta que tu pecho se...
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    Re: Problemas con la lactancia

    Tienes posibilidad de trabajar con una consejera en lactancia? Es mucho más fácil tratar este tipo de temas en persona con alguien calificado. Quizás la misma persona que te mostró la posición...
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    Re: No Longer Soothed by Nursing?

    It was frustrating when the "magic" first wore off, but I really like our new sleep routine: nursing for 20 min in the rocking chair, then a chest/back rub in the crib, then goodnight. It's just a...
  24. Re: Need to drink water to have let down

    You all just made me thirsty! ;)
  25. Re: Coping with sudden changes & nap time struggles

    Would it be wrong to give him some other kind of milk, to fill his tummy and release sleep inducing hormones, and then nurse him, for he comfort and sucking, to sleep?
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