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  1. Re: allergies antihistamines ovulation and supply

    I would usually say, probably no reason to worry about slight dips in pump output. It happens. Not only is it normal for daily milk production to fluctuate, it is normal to have better and not so...
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    Re: 12 weeks and still not pain free

    Did nursing laid back or in football help with the pain and clamping at all? What about sidelying? If these or any other position is more comfortable, I would definitely suggest doing that and not...
  3. Re: About to give this up... please help

    Yes forceful letdown almost always goes away. Sometimes the issue is caused by overproduction, and in extreme cases of overproduction, more may need to be done to find a resolution. But without...
  4. Re: Two months of very watery poop...

    I agree with Erin- watery poops in an otherwise healthy baby is not likely to be an indicator of anything serious.

    I hate to see moms put on such strict diets-these are almost never...
  5. Re: About to give this up... please help

    OK I think what you might be dealing with is a forceful letdown. I am basing this on the gasping and the squirting and the very short feedings. Also, because of all that pumping in the early weeks,...
  6. Re: help.. 2.5months baby-low milk supply

    Hi. I strongly suggest seeing a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) if you can and have not already.

    Also I suggest the book Making More Milk. How to best approach low milk production...
  7. Re: About to give this up... please help

    Hi, sorry you are having such a hard time. But i have no idea how to help as i do not understand what is going on.

    How long was baby hospitalized? Was baby exclusively breastfed then? Or since you...
  8. Re: Boss says I have to change pumping location

    This is really unfortunate, I am so sorry!

    If you decide to fight this, just know that you know your situation best... it is entirely possible a person could be fired for any reason their boss...
  9. Re: Long Question Regarding Feeding And Milk Output

    Oh sorry, now I see baby is 3 weeks- missed that. Missed lip tie mention also.

    But again, I would like to know more about weight gain.

    How do you know baby has lip tie? has this been diagnosed...
  10. Re: Leaving 13 month old for two nights

    Hi! Here are my thoughts:

    1) No reason not to pump some milk to leave for your child. Just try to do it in such a way that you do not 'accidentally' boost milk production right before a trip away,...
  11. Re: Long Question Regarding Feeding And Milk Output

    Hi and welcome! I guess you are busy, with a newborn and a 16 month old!

    How old is this baby and what is the weight check history?

    My usual thought about poops is there is a wide range of...
  12. Re: Very rapid weight loss while nursing

    My advice would be to see a doctor, because unintentional rapid weight loss is an indication of a any number of possible health issues. And not to take "wean' for an answer without tests proving that...
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    Re: Mucus in stool

    I hope you are still not on the strict elimination diet, it sounds like that did not change anything (?) so no reason to stay on it.

    This: does not sound like a sick baby who needs any medical...
  14. Re: Resource for understanding natural weaning

    with baby number 3, I rarely had time to nurse before solids, so I offered after solids when baby was often thirsty. While I agree with mommal that it may not be a big deal if baby does not nurse at...
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    Re: Is oversupply always a problem?

    Hi! I love this question...

    NO! Oversupply is NOT always a problem that needs to be fixed. Sometimes it is no problem at all for either mom nor baby. Sometimes it is a small or manageable problem...
  16. Re: Doctor wants me to reduce breast feedig

    For an excellent examination of this entire subject of eating habits, nursing, weight gain, weight charts, etc, I suggest the book My Child Won't Eat by Carlos Gonzalez.

    Have you asked your...
  17. Temas: help!

    by @llli*maddieb

    Re: help!

    When and why were bottles introduced? how long has this been going on? Have you been pumping to offset the impact to your milk production caused by the supplemental feedings? and how much formula...
  18. Re: 6 week daughter fusses/screams when I nurse her

    This is a good article with all kinds of ideas for encouraging baby to nurse: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    I have been around the breastfeeding world a long time, and a...
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    Re: Lots of foremilk

    :ita with pp...Aside from how your pumped milk looks, is there any other reason to be in any way concerned about your milk? Very fast weight gain? Severe colic? Gigantic painful spitups and painful...
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    Re: Wobbly teeth

    I agree with both tclynx and mommal. See dentist asap and if they refer you to a periodontist, go. If it IS a periodontal issue, there is lots that can be done but best to attack it asap. Also, if...
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    Re: Drying up

    How do you know milk supply started to drop and keeps dropping?

    How often is baby nursing and how much solids does she eat? Are you pumping for any reason?

    Not sure what you are asking re...
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    Re: Hospital Grade Pump

    Hospital grade pumps are designed for the mother who pumping frequently every day, either because she is pumping full time, pumping for a hospitalized baby or a baby who cannot nurse for some other...
  23. Re: 10 weeks old feeds every hour day and night

    35 times a day? For half an hour to 45 minutes each time? I am not sure that is even possible, mathematically. Are you saying baby is basically never not nursing?

    Nursing that much for FOOD at...
  24. Re: Do I still need to pump at night to protect supply?

    Agree that baby may be getting overfed during the day. On the other hand, it depends how often baby is able to nurse while you are home. If baby is allowed to take a very long sleep stretch (More...
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    Re: Streaks of blood in stool

    I'm sorry, I must have missed that baby was (briefly?) formula fed previously. My post was not directed at that but rather at the suggestion from the doctor that baby might need to stop being...
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