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    Poll: Re: pumping and menstrual cycle, a poll

    My DS is 4 months and I am having my 1st. experience a huge drop in supply for ~ a week now. I usually get 4 - 5oz each session but now I'm getting 2 oz. Hopefully this will go back up after AF is...
  2. Baby having constipation from taking formula - help

    Hi - I haven't pumped enough milk so I started supplement my 4 month old w/ Similac formula. He hasn't had a bowel movement in 2 days. I'm worried that he's constipated. On Saturday, he eats 40%...
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    Re: thinking of moving to exclusively pumping

    how do you hold bottle stationary? I'm having a distracted baby since he's 2 months old. I decided to do semi-exclusive pumping until I went back to work 4 weeks ago. My DS is still distracted,...
  4. Re: Low Supply--May have to stop breastfeeding

    Hi, my son is 4 month old and I am experience the same problem. I went back to work full-time a month ago and at first I would get 8-10oz / day (I pumped 2 times at work). The past week has been...
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    Re: Co-sleeping/Night Feeding

    I don't usually burp my DS at night. If he has gas, and uncomfortable, he'll let you know. My DS cries when he has gas, I picked him up, burp him and put him back to his crib (we don't co-sleep, my...
  6. low milk supply - product recommendation

    Hi - My DS is 4 month old, and I went back to work 4 weeks ago. I breastfeed him 2 times at night, and pump 5 times during the day. The first 3 weeks, I got an average 4oz each time I pump, which I...
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    Re: introducing formula - how

    I talked to a LC and she told me that my milk is not bad. I gave DS 2 oz today and he seems OK. But somehow the frozen milk has a weird smell, like oily and plastically, very different from the...
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    introducing formula - how

    I'm going back to work next week. I just found out last night that all the breast milk I have accummulated the past 3 months (~ 150 oz) are bad (DD threw up last night after a bottle of thawed...
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    distractible baby

    Anyone has advice on how to feed a distractible baby? My 11 wk old started to get very distracted during feeding. I could hardly get a good feeding in because all he wants to do is to look around...
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    BM - is it still good?

    I pumped at 10:30 last night and forgot to put the BM in the fridge. I didn't realize it until 8am this morning. Is it OK for me to give this milk to my ds today?
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    is it normal

    I wonder what is normal for a 7 1/2 weeks old baby? My lo still sleeps alot for the most part. But when he awake, he has a strong urge to suck. At first, I thought he's still hungry so I would...
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    Re: Continued Diaper Rash?

    My 6 weeks old had a bad rash, and balmex wouldn't cut it. I switched to Dr. Smith and it cleared up within 2 days. I also stop using wipes for couple of days and just used water and wash cloth. ...
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    BF - need advice

    I am a first time mom, and been breastfeeding exclusively until this week. My lo is 7 weeks old and he has no problem latching on. But at the end of the feeding, he acts excited. His fists are...
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    Re: Frustrated - Evening cluster feeding

    I am experience the exact same problem with my 6 wk old son. Every night he would eat from 5:30 to 9:30, and he's fussier than ever. He's been doing it for a week now and I thought he just wanted...
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    Re: Baby is crying while nursing

    My 6 1/2 weeks old does it everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. I would spend up to 3 hrs feeding him because he keeps crying, and fussing at the breast. When I give him the paci, he would...
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