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  1. Re: Does this pattern sound familiar to anyone?

    Great advice tejana. I'm so happy you're seeing an improvement. My first was difficult too and I gave up at 5 months so that's why this is especially hard for me, I really want to be successful for...
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    Re: Help! Why the sudden change?

    Already you've made me feel better. Maybe I just need to hear these trials and tribulations are normal and not to give up so thank you for that!

    She is gaining like a champ. Haven't officially...
  3. Re: Does this pattern sound familiar to anyone?

    It's like you are telling my story, only you are telling it way better than I can. I am dealing with all of this too. Exactly! Oversupply, sleeping g after latch, the whole thing. So, if I get...
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    Help! Why the sudden change?

    My 4 week old feed amazing for the first 2.5 weeks. Lately she gets really irritated while on the breast. It's not everyday and its not all the time, for example, Tuesday and Thursday this week she...
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