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    Re: Sad but need to wean at 6 months

    Thank you all soooo much! I think Im just having bf blues .
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    Sad but need to wean at 6 months

    My little man eats about 4 oz every 2 to 3 hrs usually it is every 2 . I have been pumping at work and I only make 3 bottles 2 are 4 oz and a 3 oz this is not enough to leave for him somehow I have...
  3. Having trouble with vitamins and not pooping HELP!

    So Doc said to get poly v sol vitamins once a day and since i started my BB will go 2 to 3 days without pooping, and when he does go he is very fussy and seems to be in pain. Doc says not the...
  4. Re: Building stash and manual pump use question

    I had to go back to work and I built my supply by feeding off one breast and pumping the other .I have used both but i feel my electric does best . My bb will get full off just one so u might try...
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    Can you take Lysine while Breastfeeding

    I get coldsores and was wondering if I can take Lysine I know Its probably best to ask doctor but I wont be able to till tomarrow so does anyone know
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    Re: Co-Sleeping

    Im a first time mom and i co sleep to get sleep, hubby sleeps on the couch and he doesnt mind but when we get a chance (at least we try once a week ) we snuggle together .I came up with that so he...
  7. My bb is pulling snd tugging on nipples why

    :( Sometimes when my bb is eating, he pulls and tugs and kinda shakes his head then starts to fuss I pull him off and try to get him to latch on again and we will do this a couple of times befor I...
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    Re: Low supply last time

    Fenugreek is working well for me, I take 3pills 3 times a day and it is a herb so no side effects for me or my baby. My doc suggested it so you may talk to yours and see if it would be somthing worth...
  9. Re: Lots of questions! Hope its not overwhelming!!!

    I also am a new mom and Bf is very important to me as well, my lil man is about to be 2 months and I still havent got the hang of it but me and him together are getting through. I also was told...
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    Re: Don't know how I'm going to make it

    1.Mother Teresa must have been the one to say that BF was easy cause to me its not either . 2 I started using Fenugreek to help my milk supply for when I go back to work, and it has.
    Sometimes my LB...
  11. How much milk should i bag for a bottle

    Going back to work and im not sure what size bottle to make
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