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    Re: Help! She's hurting me!!

    What about getting some dentists wax from your dentist, and just putting a little "cap" of it on over her tooth before she nurses? Is she eating solids at all?(trying to get an idea if she would be...
  2. Re: Failed at BFing my first child, but desperate to succeed with second.

    Hi mama!

    I also wanted to say I LOVED and definitely found Dr Jack Newmans videos very helpful. Since im in a small town, there wasn't much IRL support from LC's.

    I wish you the very best of...
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    Re: harrasment at work, LONG!!!


    mama..I am so sorry that you are having to experience that stress. That is completely inappropriate of her to do IMO.

    I agree with what the PP have said regarding protecting yourself. Even...
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    Re: Keeping baby happy while pumping

    aren't walkers illegal now everywhere because they are somewhat dangerous:shrug Maybe you mean something different than I am thinking.
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    Re: Cow's milk for cereal?

    Would you be able to mix 1oz BM with 1oz of formula or cows milk?:shrug

    If not, Id say its probably ok soon, but watch for signs of allergy - can be anything from a sore tummy to a bum rash.:gvibes
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    Re: Alot of problems with breast feeding

    Do you have any days off available? Could you take a "nursing health day". stay in bed with baby, nurse nurse nurse as much as he will allow. Thats generally worked for me when I was nursing.

    I am...
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    Re: I have H1N1 - how to protect my 8 wo

    I had it!

    And honestly? It was not as bad as they made it out to be. First four days certainly were not fun but they were not awful either.:shrug
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    Re: Desperate! Any suggestions?

    Hi mama :hug

    Sounds like you had one frustrating and rough day. Its no fun, but it is a part of the process with little ones. The good news is it wont be like this forever nor will this continue...
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    Re: too much juice maybe...

    Why Glucerna? Is LO diabetic?:shrug
  10. Re: super strong let-down/what age can they handle it?

    What about starting out spraying/expressing into a container to save it, then after a few, putting him on? That way he would be getting more hindmilk :shrug
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    Re: Adoptive Moms?

    heres the link:
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    Re: How long do you nurse

    My DS was down to 5-7 min nursing sessions within a couple of weeks too!

    They just get efficient i think. As long as hes "milk drunk" - sleepy, satisfied looking, lazy and sort of "drunk"...
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    Re: she HATES tummy time

    3.5 months is still pretty young. Although its ABOUT when they start to do tummy time... some dont!

    Jer hated tummy time until maybe five months. Then all of a sudden it was ok! On your chest is...
  14. Re: Relactating at SIXTEEN MONTHS?? impossible??back to breast impossible?

    Some good news. and some (for me) bad news.

    I havent had ANY luck with relactating. and trust me its not for lack of trying. I feel like i have two extra appendages with this pump...
  15. Re: HELP! Baby refuses EBM but takes formula


    If you have OALD - could the bottle nipples be too slow for him? I know that usually we say we want the bottle nipple to be harder to work from than the breast so as to prevent nipple...
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    Re: Letting Daddy feed baby food?

    I think that the others are probably right. It is USUALLY a little young for solids. BUT

    With that being said, my DS was VERY interested in solids around four months. He would swipe at my food and...
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    Re: Mad Baby & Over Supply

    I had both OALD and OS. I did the spray into a towel thing(or sometimes, if i had the time. spray into a receptacle of some sort to save for later). But my DS did get used to it quickly.. now im not...
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    Re: Still not using sippies :(

    DS is almost 18 months and he STILL doesnt get to tip his cup really. He can do it with help, but the straw cups really worked with him.

    As well, that nuby sport sippy is GREAT! i have it. The...
  19. Re: Relactating at SIXTEEN MONTHS?? impossible??back to breast impossible?

    pumping pumping pumping... so far just sticky drops. Havent been able to locate any fenugreek(im in a town of less than 900) and CC is maxed atm... so pump pump pump pump!:lol
  20. Re: Relactating at SIXTEEN MONTHS?? impossible??back to breast impossible?

    I have an appointment with the Pedi, an appointment with the Health Nurse, and an appointment with the IBCLC!:lol

    And - will wonders never cease - I wrote my Aunt who is a nurse, thinking she...
  21. Re: Relactating at SIXTEEN MONTHS?? impossible??back to breast impossible?

    I am thinking too that he will not go back to the breast, and honestly I dont want to make it a fight. Im happy if he just drinks it from his sippy. At his current weight, i just think for his health...
  22. Re: Relactating at SIXTEEN MONTHS?? impossible??back to breast impossible?

    I dont know? I thought of that too.

    Honestly even if I was pumping and giving it to him in a cup i would be satisfied with that..

    Yes, I dont think he knows what to do with a nipple anymore. I...
  23. Relactating at SIXTEEN MONTHS?? impossible??back to breast impossible?

    My DS has weight issues.. and i had to stop nursing when he was two months old due to a bad med combination I was on.

    I have been given the go ahead to stop the meds that conflicted with bfing.
  24. Re: ...I can't seem to master the side-laying postion!

    what I actually did was take a fairly thin pillow WITHOUT a pillowcase on it(as that might be dangerous) and lie DS on it facing me. This brought his mouth right about to where my nipple was and made...
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    Re: Feeding on a cruise?

    I agree with calling ahead. They may already be prepared for this sort of thing. And if they are not, perhaps a call ahead to let them know there will definetly be a new baby, the chef can prepare a...
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