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    Re: Will I need to pump?

    Ok, I realize that this thread is from a month ago, but I'm going to have almost the same situation if I get a job I've applied for (and have an interview for tomorrow), and I've been sooo worried...
  2. Feeling pressure? about feeding solids

    Hi everyone! It's been a while...which is a good sign, I guess. :)
    Anyway, I have a situation that I'm not sure what to do about... My wonderful DH is convinced lately that since our 9mo daughter...
  3. Feel like I'm getting a plugged duct...

    Hi everyone!
    It's been a while since I've posted...which is good I guess cause everything's been GREAT! But I noticed this evening that I feel like I'm getting a plugged duct in my right breast...
  4. Re: Is there anything I can take to increase my milk product

    Hey mama! Congrats on your new little man! Best wishes for his continued recovery. :)
    I haven't taken anything special to increase my supply personally, but here are a few things I've read about on...
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    What do i tell people?

    Hi everyone! My daughter is 5.5 months old and is growing like a bad weed, EBF! Yay! She is teething, and since I didn't wanna hijack someone else's recent post about teething/possible biting, I'm...
  6. Re: Adjusting to Maternity Leave question - for NB Magazine

    Where do I begin...? Hehe
    I only have experience as an exclusively breastfeeding mama, and I don't know if you're planning on doing so or not, but if you are...for the first few weeks, you'll be...
  7. Re: Thinking about bf after 12 months

    Thanks everyone for reaffirming my beliefs about nursing once "they can ask for it." My DD is almost 5 months old and I had a discussion with a friend yesterday whose daughter is a month younger than...
  8. Re: Baby getting a little violent when feeding

    My DD has started doing the same thing, unless we're lying down. (Then she just closes her eyes and gets the job done!) No kicks yet, but she does this crazy arm swinging in front of her face thing....
  9. Fighting sleep, freaks out when put down, etc.

    My 98% of the time AWESOME daughter is driving me crazy the other 2% of the time! Maybe its just that she's teething and is going through some other overall weirdness at 19 weeks, so I guess I just...
  10. Only nurses well lying down lately...

    Has anyone else's child done this...? My 4 month old DD is growing like crazy (we go to the doc tomorrow morning, so I'll finally be able to tell people how much she weighs) and wants to nurse A LOT...
  11. Re: Better nurser while asleep?

    Hey there! I have the same issues with my DD (who is 17 weeks) and have for the past month or so. I am pretty sure part of it is that she gets distracted by anything else going on around her. And...
  12. Re: HELP! is this a plugged duct? what do I do?

    I currently am recovering from a slight case of mastitis. It seemed much worse to read about than actually go through though. I mean, it HURT to nurse for a couple days and my nipple still feels a...
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    Re: Creating bad habits

    Hey mama! My girl is almost 4 months as well, and I feel like the people who've given me advice lately are doing so because they think that even though I've done a good job so far that there's gonna...
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    Re: Hates being covered

    I don't have in-laws who are uncomfortable about me nursing my DD around them, but DH has a couple of guy friends who've come over while I'm feeding her. No one's said anything, but for their...
  15. Re: 3 Month old only calmed by nursing?

    Good to know I'm not the only one!
    My DD is 3 months (but born a month early) & a few weeks ago, I tried going back to work for a few hrs, a few days a week, but she decided the 2nd day not to take...
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    I love this!

    Ok, I know most everyone uses this forum for help, questions, and issues. And I've definitely done that for the issues these almost 3 months of nursing my little girl, but this time I just wanted to...
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    Re: Questions about night nursing

    Hi Amber,
    My daughter was born the day after yours and its been really interesting to read all your posts cause we have had many of the same issues at the same time! :)
    My girl sleeps with us, and...
  18. Re: When to start thinking about changing my diet?

    My DD has had similar issues, and like one person said, I'm pretty sure its part of her personality. She does have some reflux, but I don't think it is what bothers her specifically, because she was...
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    Teething already?!?

    I'll try to make this quick....has anyone else had their LO start teething at 9-10 weeks?!? My DD has been fussy lately, which in another post I thought may have been caused by me going back to work...
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    Re: Things feel off...

    So, we are currently camping (although some ppl wouldn't call it camping if I can access the internet on my phone...but they probably wouldn't sleep in a tent with a 9 week old baby...
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    Things feel off...

    Ok, so my DD is 9 weeks (after being born healthy at 35 weeks...no NICU thank goodness) and is now 9 lbs. She was 5-10 at birth, so she's gaining well and has great wet/dirty diapers. I thought...
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    Re: Trouble latching

    First of all, congrats on your little guy! I have a daughter, but I do hear that boys looove their mama! :)
    My personal experience was somewhat similar, although I didn't receive much help with mine...
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    Re: Need Advice- 6 Week Old

    Thanks for the suggestions about the co-sleeping arrangements! I've found that the girls on the couch/dad in bed arrangement works sometimes too, since he has to go to bed around 8:30 during the week...
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    Night waking

    I actually have the same issues...well they're not really issues since I don't have much else to do most of the time, just frustrations and they're confusing to this first-time mama! Sometimes not as...
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