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  1. Re: leaving 18mo for 10 days- wean? Getting touched out.

    That's great! It's nice to have a clearer idea of what's truly right for you...

    Hope you have a FABULOUS honeymoon! Enjoy yourself!

  2. Re: nursing manners for a 15 month old?

    Great! We'll try it!

    When I was pregnant, I had big intentions of teaching her a whole slew of signs---I thought the idea was so cool. And there my flashcards sit, unopened... :lol
  3. nursing manners for a 15 month old?

    Any suggestions for teaching my almost 15 mo daughter to politely ask to nurse? Is it too late to teach her to sign for milk?

    Right now, I still think it's kinda funny when she gropes me and pokes...
  4. Re: Long, sorry! My 14mo is reverse weening.

    My situation was very similar to yours, although my DH wasn't colicky---she just got used to falling asleep while nursing!

    We just night-weaned her a few weeks ago at 14 months with great success....
  5. Re: leaving 18mo for 10 days- wean? Getting touched out.

    And GOOD LUCK! I have a feeling it will go better than you think!

    :gvibes :gvibes :gvibes
  6. Re: leaving 18mo for 10 days- wean? Getting touched out.

    We do cosleep, and what worked for us was for ME to first sleep in the extra room for three nights while my husband bottle-fed, then we switched off so my husband could catch up on sleep, and I...
  7. Re: leaving 18mo for 10 days- wean? Getting touched out.

    I second the Jay Gordon method, if you're interested in night weaning. It worked GREAT for us, so much better than I hoped.

    We night weaned about two weeks ago---my daughter was a little over 14...
  8. Re: What formula is "cloest" in taste to breastmilk?

    We used Baby's Only Organic formula from about six months to a year, on the two days a week I worked. My daughter always drank it right up, and still seems to prefer it to cow's milk when I'm not...
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    Re: Need weaning advice/sympathy

    If you're ready to be done, then I say, go ahead and wean! It sounds like you are ready. Unless you had set a goal for yourself and you think ultimately you'd regret it.

    21 months is a big...
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    Re: Need Night Weaning Advice!

    I posted this in the "Breastfeeding your toddler" forum--I probably should have posted it here:


    We tried night weaning, and so far so good!

    Not sure why, but my 14 m.o....
  11. Re: Decreased supply nursing 1 yr old- help!

    There's a good description of how to correct a latch in the post just after yours ("Teeth making things difficult -ouch").

    Here it is, copied and pasted:

    "It said that if you hold your breast...
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    Re: Approval is always nice

    Yes it is! And learning & growing with our babies on the BF journey is really wonderful, too!
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    night weaning!

    We tried it, and so far so good!

    Not sure why, but my 14 m.o. daughter had been waking up HOURLY for the previous month or so... She stopped sleeping through the night at five months, so we were...
  14. Re: 11 months - want to stop pumping @ work but not wean

    I started working two days away from home when my daughter was 6 months. I pumped maybe once a day for about a month, and then stopped because it was driving me crazy and I didn't feel secure in my...
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    Re: THE HUNGER!!!

    Thanks everybody!

    Definitely trying to eat more healthy foods---yesterday was a good day! Just not a super domestic person, so cooking on a daily basis is not really fun for me.

    Most of my...
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    Re: THE HUNGER!!!

    Oh my gosh, I hope not! No, I don't think I'm pregnant...

    My daughter nurses a lot, though... Probably five times a night, and at least as many during the day. Maybe it's just that!
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    Just wondering if any of you post-12 month nursing mamas noticed an increase in hunger around the time your child turned one? I seem to be constantly hungry---craving high-calorie things, too.

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