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    Re: My milksharing baby

    Phenomenal - thanks for sharing!
  2. Re: Yet another question about how often to pump

    I think I will have to try the car pumping. I have a 45 minute commute and everything has to be just so choreographed in the mornings right now. I love when she nurses between 7 and 8, because I...
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    Re: Shaking breast milk

    Whattt...I never heard of this. I shake my bottles to get that extra fat on the side too. Guess I will "swirl" rather than shake.
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    Re: Best Manual Breast Pump

    I have an Avent manual pump that I use for the same reason - to pump at night and boost up supply. It works great and is very affordable!
  5. Re: Pumping necessary in the first weeks?

    I wouldn't say pumping is necessary..however, if you do want to build up a stockpile for a return to work or to have some bm on hand, it doesn't hurt to start early with that. Looking back, I wish I...
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    Re: Supply issues

    I don't think it would hurt to try a power pumping to simulate a growth spurt as opposed to 45 mins straight. How about playing with the suction level of your pump? That has made a difference for me....
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    Re: pump fatigue (just a vent)

    Boy do I hear you on that and I'm only 3 weeks back to work! Lugging it back and forth sucks and the interruption during the day usually sucks, but sometimes I welcome the break from my desk. But...
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    Re: FTM ebm-bottle feeds?

    I had to just keep trying different sizes. First I sent 3 oz bottles, then 3.5, and we are settling at 5 oz per bottle. It is a lot of food but it will sometimes take her a while to finish that much...
  9. Re: 1st time mom-to-be... electric or manual pump?

    Congrats, and good job on researching this before baby comes! I was foolish and didn't start my BF research until the baby was here, though I did have a friend who gave me her barely used Pump In...
  10. Re: Yet another question about how often to pump

    MTmama - what kind of pump do you have that you use while driving? I'm trying to figure out if this may be a solution for me. Thanks!
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    Re: Using milk pumped at night

    Oh please save and freeze any extra milk you get! I wouldn't waste a drop if I had a little overage like that!
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    Re: pumping output question

    Oh, and the 2nd "sticky" post on this page is how to maximize your pumping output video - it shows you how to compress and massage while you are pumping to get more milk...I sometimes do this anyway,...
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    Re: pumping output question

    I'm actually having a similar issue - but hopefully I am able to give a little helpful info. I EBF'd while I was on leave, so I really didn't know how much she was consuming in ounces.I have the...
  14. Re: Yet another question about how often to pump

    I'm running into this a little bit as well. Do you have a nursing cover? Maybe you just need to reduce what she can be distracted by when you are nursing her. I also go to nurse during lunch and have...
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