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  1. Re: Please Help! Low Supply or Colic or Growth spurt?

    Thanks mama..that what I'm doing just nursing nursing nursing
    Baby has not pooped in 24 hours...previously used to be a couple of times a day..but he has many soaking wet diapers.
    He does swallow...
  2. Please Help! Low Supply or Colic or Growth spurt?

    Hi Mommies. I'm so distressed today. Baby is 18 days old and BF started off well. the 1st week had a bit of oversupply then the supply started diminishing and I just assumed that the supply was...
  3. Help pls. lopsided breast n overproduction

    Hi. My Lo is 5 weeks now and i 've always had problem with low milk supply. Then suddenly since 4 days ago my left breast started over producing so much so it gets painfully engorged within 2 hours...
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    feel like giving up

    hi. i'm a new mommy to a 3 week old son. my bf journey has been rough from the start. delayed let down, then just as we started to get the hang of things i developed mastitis and had to stop bf for a...
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