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  1. Exhausted from pumping :( -5 month old

    Hi Guys -
    So I've been down the pumping road before. I have a 4 year old that I successfully pumped (while at work) for 1.5years and breastfed (when home) until she was 3. I've gone thru supply...
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    Evening chaos - Please help us

    I pump while at work and when I return my 3 month old is awaiting with an open mouth (like a little baby bird) waiting to eat. :love

    I immediately sit down to nurse her and she wants to be latched...
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    Knowing how much to pump

    I've been back at work for a few weeks and always pump 8oz.
    It seems to be JUST enough for the baby but I am afraid of a growth spurt day, any day now, and in that case, I will not have enough for...
  4. Timing of scalding expressed milk

    I notice my expressed milk smells rancid / metallic etc after a day of refrigeration. I would like to tray the scalding method.
    I work full time and pump throughout my time in the office.

    Can I...
  5. Congested / Cold / Sick Newborn help

    I have a 6 week old and a 4 yr old daughter.

    I am nursing 100% and all seems fine however.

    I woke up with a HORRIBLE sore throat, cough and miserably congested. I am HORRIFIED thinking of the...
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