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    Poll: Re: Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

    I am nursing for 9 months now. plan on self weaning, unless I go crazy first lol ;) seriously though, I think its really important. I want her to make that choice, and believe me, I don't have the...
  2. Re: Dwindling supply in only one breast?

    I am not totally certain, but my first guess would be that she is draining one better than the other. Maybe she has a prference for the breast that seems more full more of the time because of its...
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    Re: How do you know when supply is low?

    well, after the first couple months your breasts naturally adjust and you don't feel as full anymore :) my daughter is 9 months and I rarely have a full feeling unless it goes a couple feedings fro...
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    Re: My boobs - Changes & Holding em' up

    I am sorry but the national geographic comment just about killed me! LOLOL well, it seems I too am doomed to saggy boobdom. oh well :) if I want to look young and hip, I can wear a push up bra :D ;)...
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    Re: resenting son and bf'ing

    hey pazygozo, I have been there and done that with the leaving the babies in ther beds when mommy feels she is going to scream or run from the house in frustration lol...its normal, and I remember...
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    Re: prenatal vitamins?

    well, I was wondering this about myself, because I actually do not take them and haven't taken them since I gave birth. I ran out and stoped taking them pretty much. I still feel just fine and I am...
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    Re: help! won't nurse!

    well, you need to express a little, just not all of it. maybe get in the shower to see if it helps. or only pump for a couple minutes instead of 15-20 or whatnot. its better to pump a little than...
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    Re: Trying to "Fatten" up my DS

    wow, and here I thought I was generally pretty considerate about people's feelings. I have been known to say how tiny a baby is, but its because I think they are so cute! :( every baby is so...
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    Re: No poop in 12 days

    is your baby still gaining well? weight is the bottom line really. has your littel one been sick, is he otherwise happy/healthy? 21 days is a while to go without poop. ti could mean there is a...
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    Re: Poop not Seedy anymore

    the seeds are milk curds. at around 4-6 weeks their digestive systems mature and they begin to use breastmilk more efficiently. also, they do become faster the older they get, as long as your baby...
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    Re: Advice needed!! Sore nipples!!

    oh sweety. I SO feel your pain. both of my children did a number on me in the early days. :( my son and daughter both took litereal chunks out of my nipples and I had to exclusively pump finger feed,...
  12. Re: Just got the SNS! Any tips to help me out?

    oh, well hey so the top of the mouth. I just tried the corner because there is more room in the corner than at the top when the baby is latched on :) I think I tried to the top a few times and cgave...
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    Re: Breastfeeding adopted child?

    ok, I am gonan hook you up to a great site for adoptive breastfeeding. i am sure there is something here as well, but go to www.asklenore.info she has a message board on adoptive bfing, and she has...
  14. Re: baby only goes to sleep with breast

    well, there are two schools of thought. you can go the "sleep training" route, or you can continue what you are doing and it will not effect your baby in any negative way. :) I have two children, the...
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    Re: Kind of silly...but have to celebrate!

    way to go mama!! I would be very proud too. :) what you did is no small accomplishment. I know how you feel when you say you are proud of yourself. I feel the same joy when I realize I am still...
  16. Re: Just got the SNS! Any tips to help me out?

    yes I agree with al lthe above posters!! :) and yes taping to the breast does work too. I did that when I got sick of the stupid thing wiggling out of her mouth. I asked about age because I had...
  17. Re: Just got the SNS! Any tips to help me out?

    I used an sns to up my supply, not exactly the same thing, but I did use one for a while! how old is your baby? I would suggest doing a lot of kangaroo care. tummy to tummy ina sling or something. ...
  18. Re: Question about weaning off the pump

    I agree with the pp, a little at a time and then like you said you wanted to do, by only pumping enough to releive engorgement si wise. it wil reduce the chances of clogged ducts or mastitis. good...
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    Re: nursing more with solids??

    like I said originally, I kNEW it wouldn't make her sleep more lol! sometimes, even if they are 6 months, they aren't quite ready for solids, and it gives them gas/upset stomach. which makes for...
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    Re: nursing more with solids??

    I am sao sorry you are going through such a long nursing strike. have you ruled out any other things that could be causing it? illness of some kind, any other fluids being taken in in some way other...
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    nursing more with solids??

    ok, call me naive, but I thought that with the intro of solids my daughter wouldbe eating a .little less often. lol...she still nurses like a newborn! I know I have less milk, but she still nurses...
  22. Re: Trying to relactate... am I getting there?

    I second the sns, also, sleep with your baby, let him nurse on you all night, for several nights. you can also take domperidone, which is sold in canada, but you can get it in the states. ...
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    Re: Ever gotten "the look"?

    I second what Moshi was saying. I live in Kodiak AK where there is a 95% breastfeeding output form the hospital. in fact, extended nursing is very common as well. I don't see many moms bottle...
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    Re: Hungry baby won't eat

    now this might sound silly, but have you thought about ear infections? I know that bf babies generaly do not get them. My daughter was the exception! Hers are caused by her outdoor allergies, and...
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    Re: Lack of Breast Milk

    from what you said, the baby is doing fine. all babies strain with their poop as it is new to their very immature digestive system. as longa syour baby is wetting well(pour about 4-6 tbs of water...
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