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  1. How do I increase suction on the Medela Symphony?

    Does anyone know how to increase the suction on the Symphony? I am renting one from my lactation consultant. The first one started to lose its strength after about 3 weeks, so I brought it back, she...
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    I'm giving up

    I'm exhausted, depressed, starving, and I just can't do it anymore. I built a little more milk capacity through pumping while breastfeeding and supplementing, but now that my sisters have flown back...
  3. Re: Still not enough milk, still need help!

    My goal is 12 times in a 24h period, but I don't always meet that. Sometimes she spends 15 at each breast, and then gets topped off with a bottle if she still has hunger signs after I try soothing...
  4. Still not enough milk, still need help!

    Well, I've been doing everything I possibly can, and I still cannot feed my newborn adequately. My baby lost over 12% weight until I started supplementing. Now my baby is up to 3oz formula at a time,...
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    Herbs: How much, how often?

    I purchased fenugreek, hops, barley grass, and blessed thistle, in addition to alfalfa tablets. All say take two once a day, and the alfalfa is three once a day. I was wondering what the optimal dose...
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    Unable to breastfeed after pumping

    Is there a way to rapidly return my nipples to normal?

    I've been pumping every 2h, but sometimes I don't so that I can breastfeed.
    The pump makes my nippes so huge that she cannot fit them in...
  7. Milk only during let down from Medela Symphony

    I just upgraded from the PIS to the Symphony, and things are much better now. I noticed though, that from one breast, (I under produce BTW) that milk only comes out during the let down phase, not the...
  8. Will these nipple changes prevent breastfeeding?

    I am going to breastfeed after birth, I hope, but am concerned about my nipples. I don't know if its normal. Whenever they are touched, they areolas get really tight and the nipples get perky, and...
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