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  1. Re: Needing to wean my 14 month old ASAP due to health probl

    I would like to point out that lots of Mom's leave their babies all day while they are at work and then come back and nurse. So while in theory the idea of leaving her with a babysitter might help it...
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    Re: How to lie to your pediatrician

    They always ask me that and never seem upset that I don't know, they just seem to want a rough estimate to put in the chart. My guess would be that it is more a requirement for them to put it in the...
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    Re: Help for my BFF

    I agree to pump when she supplements so that she is still getting the extra stimulation although she might not get any milk. Also, drink drink drink and maybe try the Mother's Milk tea or fenugreek....
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    Re: Co-Sleeping How To with DH

    We've always slept with ds between us or between me and the wall but when he was an infant I slept basically curled around him and I slept really lightly.
  5. Re: Help, Dr wants me to stop breastfeeding 7month old

    Dr probably feels like its easier to tell you to wean than him risk that he might give you meds that might affect the baby. Telling you to wean poses no risk to him.
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    Re: Moving DD to her own bed

    We are also in the middle of making the switch from ds in our bed to his own bed. He is about 2 1/2 and we had tried earlier but it didn't work so well for us. We got him a toddler bed for x-mas and...
  7. Re: Article touting studies that say its okay to start at 4 months.

    Maybe I'm being dense but why not just give EBF babies an iron supplement? At least that's what the drs advised me when ds was born. I have to say that we didn't start solids until after 6 mos and...
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    Re: 17 months and still going but...

    My dh seems to think its a great idea to wean during the day when ds is playing happily. At night when ds is screaming bloody murder because he only gets 10 min on each side (preg and still some...
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    Re: I WANT my nipple back!!

    :hug I've been slowly limiting my 27 mo (also preg with sore nipples) and he has screamed bloody terror the whole way. I don't know how far along you are but I have noticed that I'm significantly...
  10. Re: What names have your babies called BF?

    Used to call it Nuh nuh's but now he says nee nows :lol
  11. Re: New here... questions about nursing after solids

    FWIW I could never pump enough for ds while working, we supplemented with formula and nursed during the evenings, nights and weekends. It always made me feel terrible, like I couldn't provide for...
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    Re: Pain and despair!!!!!

    I don't have any advice just a :hug my ds 25 mos also gets upset and worried when I tell him the nuh nuh's hurt. Its because I'm pregnant not a latch issue though, I've had to limit the length of...
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    Re: She is one today

    Aww, Happy Birthday! I was so happy/sad on my lo's b-day I hope you guys had a great day!
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    Re: 14 month old never "asks" to nurse

    My son didn't ask until almost 16 mos, now he never shuts up about it:rolleyes: I would guess that your probably right about knowing when to offer so she doesnt need to demand it but I'm not an...
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    Re: Confused...

    And as a side note, ds will NOT take any other kind of milk from me or generally other women.
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    Re: Confused...

    I know you will hear a lot about not giving them cows milk, my ds 16 mos gets a bottle (whole store brand cows milk, yuckiest of the yuck ;) or two during the day with Daddy while I'm at work 5 days...
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    Supply with partial weaning

    My DS is having his 1st b-day next week :cry and I'm considering weaning him off of daytime feedings so I don't have to pump at work anymore. I don't want to wean him entirely and I'm worried about...
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    Re: Not pumping enough milk - HELP!

    I have the same problem, my LO is 10 months and sometimes eats as much as twice what I can pump. I don't really have any advice about what to do to get more milk, I just wanted to say hang in there...
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