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  1. Re: Left boob is not producing very much

    baby is 10 weeks old.
    i nurse her at home, pump at work, and daddy feeds her when im at work.
    i dont think it was a sudden drop in supply and i dont feel any pain.
    it feels full and then i nurse...
  2. Left boob is not producing very much...

    What happened? it used to be super boob and now the right is producing (when i pump) and the left barely produces much at all.

    What can I do about this?
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    Re: is it possible...

    wow. okay. thank god im not in this situation myself (shoulda mentioned that in my pp). i was just curious.
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    is it possible...

    to give birth, get pregnant again within 12 weeks and still breastfeed even while being pregnant? just wondering...

    i've heard that pregnancy hormones will dry you right up and you won't be able...
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