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  1. Re: Anyone know about taking Robitussin

    Hey there! According to Medications and Mother's Milk, thirteenth ed. it says that Robitussin is an L2 category...which means the drug has been studied in a limited number of breastfeeding women...
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    Re: pumping questions

    If it were me I would go ahead and pump ASAP and start building up and maintaining a freezer stash! Pump after every feed. It may take awhile but you'll see an increase and a second letdown if you...
  3. When to replace medela PIS parts??

    Hey Ladies! I have a PIS that I've been using for 3 months. I pump after feedings and while at work 4-5xs (12 hour shifts) 3 days a week. When do I need to replace the tubing, membranes and valves?...
  4. Re: *Scheduling* BF at work - advice please

    I went through the same thimg with my DS. But we just battled it out and he finally realized that he had to eat or he would just be hungry! My Mom is close so she really helped out with that. Is...
  5. Re: *Scheduling* BF at work - advice please

    :hello!! Has she taken a bottle at all before? If not I would try to get your support person ie: husband, mom or friend to work with her and give her a bottle....that way it wont come as a shock to...
  6. Re: Almost 6 Mo Baby's Not Eating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Mama! here is a big :hug! Well...first off when and exactly how much formula are you giving her? Second...how is her weight? And third..if it were me I would start nursing her all the time...
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    Re: gentian violet

    I tried it with little success...get the "Big Gun" Diflucan and treat it that way. 200mg initial dose and 150 mg for 13 days after that...this was the only thing that worked for me. I had tried...
  8. Re: routines, # of feedings, etc.


    Hey there! Well my DS is 3 months old and during the day he nurses every 2-3 hours and nurses to go to sleep at nap time (unless he falls asleep in the car). After nursing I pump to...
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    Re: colostrum?

    Hey there Mama! Congrats on your pregnancy! The liquid coming from your breast is colostrum and the consistency you're describing sounds completely normal! I leaked a little all throughout...
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    Hey Ladies! I have a quick question for you all! I am sure every one has asked this before and I have read other posts relating to this but I feel my situation is a little different so here goes....I...
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    Re: Quich Question...

    Thanks soooo much for the info! I am going to insist on my family reading this soon!
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    Quich Question...

    Hey Ladies! I have a three month old son...Eli and my family and MD say I can start giving him cereal...I don't want to introduce solids until 6 months and then only homemade baby food ie:fruits and...
  13. Re: Pumping at work to keep up supply

    Hey there! I'll tell you what has worked for me! I have a 3 month old son who is exclusively BF and I was able to take my full 12 weeks leave. One month before I went back to work I started pumping...
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