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    Re: Gas issues... i think?

    okay, you girls have me convinced! ive always suspected reflux but ofcourse i havent been trusting my instincts! it would be so amazing to get through just one daytime feeding where hes not in pain....
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    Re: Gas issues... i think?

    ive suspected reflux and have brought it up to his pediatrician but he doesnt think he has it. He doesnt spit up though.. ever. i can count on one hand how many times hes spit up. Im constantly so...
  3. Re: Mastitis or something else??

    It sounds like border-line mastitis or a bad clogged duct.. ive had my fair share of clogged ducts, and one of them i had a touch of mastitis, but took care of it quickly and didnt need to be...
  4. Re: Help!!! When am I supposed to pump?

    my supply is always top notch right before bed, i put DS down at about 8:30 and i go to sleep at about 10:30 so right before im about to go to sleep i pump and get a good amount.. if i pump any other...
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    Gas issues... i think?

    okay so i made it to 3 months! (sigh of relief) i honestly never thought i would lol and still wonder if ill make it to next week! Well weve had many trials and tribulations. Our biggest issue thats...
  6. Re: Very fidgety baby, constant thumb sucking

    my 3mo has these same issues, its very hard getting him to nurse these days... hes constantly fussy at the breast, pulls off atleast 4 times during a session. Sometimes refusing my breast completely....
  7. Re: Feel like I have "just enough" or what?

    ALSO... when i had a large over supply (able to pump up to 5oz while EBFing) i didnt leak at all... i never have really... i wasted money on nursing pads lol
  8. Re: Feel like I have "just enough" or what?

    Let me be the mommy who tells u that over supply isnt as magical as it sounds. 6 clogged ducts later and i had finally gotten my supply to where it needed to be.. and then he went through a growth...
  9. Re: day 2 of no latching during the day

    Okay so we went to the doctor... he says he looks perfect! I'm starting to think that his issues are with the flow of let down and bottles. He sucks a few times unlatches gurgles like he's choking...
  10. Re: day 2 of no latching during the day

    Thankyou so much for your replies! Everything everyone has suggested has helped me out so much! I keep going to the store and forgetting the freaking baby tylenol! I'm going to send DH to get it...
  11. Re: day 2 of no latching during the day

    The lactation nurse finally called back! hes going to be seen tomorrow, thank goodness! yes ive been trying to nurse him laying down, and then when he comes off and cries i give him a bottle or...
  12. day 2 of no latching during the day

    I posted yesterday about my 9 week old and our nursing issues. So were on day two now, i called the medical group on my base and there were no appointments left for today so she told me the nurse...
  13. Re: Baby vomiting - Second opinion pleas

    so weird! i couldnt imagine giving my newborn gatorade... that doesnt seem okay to me! i probebly would want to switch doctors too.
  14. what kind of baggies do you use

    To store your milk in? The bags that are intended to store bm are a bit pricey. Wondering if there is a less expensive alternative?
  15. Re: SO discouraged need encouragment

    Thankyou! I am so thankful for all of ur replies ur keeping me going. Yes he will nurse while sleepy. I am so happy I read that article from kellymom! I was trying to force him, I feel bad now poor...
  16. Re: SO discouraged need encouragment

    Thankyou for all of your helpful replies it warms my heart and makes me feel much better! Okay so for my replies... as far as insurance, I would be able to see an off base doctor only if I switched...
  17. Re: SO discouraged need encouragment

    hes eating better with cold milk... maybe its his throat?
  18. Re: SO discouraged need encouragment

    He was doing wonderfully for a few weeks but this is new, besides the pain i assume he has his latch is wonderful and had become a great nurser. Yes i will be seeing a different dr. but theyre in the...
  19. SO discouraged need encouragment

    i posted earlier that my ds has been nursing less frequently. Well since then he started becoming more fussy than usual at the breast, unlatching frequently and showing signs of pain i believe its...
  20. Re: Want to BF again after 3 wks of form

    To relactate, having the baby on your breast is going to be crucial. Exclusively pumping to relactate may not work out so well. Even when the baby is just suckling is a good thing, it still...
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    Re: Starting to induce

    I would get with a LC in your area and show her what you are pumping, I would believe shed be the person to be able to look at and tell you exactly what's coming out. that being said though, it...
  22. Re: Fussy at Breast, unlatching

    P.s kudos to you for nursing twins!! Its very inspiring to hear of moms nursing more than one exclusivly. Keep pushing foward, you're awesome!
  23. Re: Fussy at Breast, unlatching

    I've had this problem for the past few days and I wonder if its because DS has become such an expert at nursing he's become impatient with my flow and wants it faster. Not sure though. I've...
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    Re: Supply Problem?

    Have u heard of power pumping? I know u wouldn't have time to do this at work but maybe somewhere in the time ur home and between a feed. I'm not educated on it but have heard about it in various...
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    Re: Blocked nipple pores

    I get milk blisters sometimes. I notice they come on more when I don't pay attention to DS latch. Very hot showers take them away almost immediately, althought other times a sterilized needle(yikes)...
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