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    Re: Stopping son from biting down?

    There are exercises you can do with your son to help his latch - I worked with a lactation consultant, and it was amazing - after 48 hours my son's latch improved dramatically. I'm the mom of b/b...
  2. What is "normal" for breastfed babies?

    Hi - I'm a breastfeeding new mom of 8 week (2 week adjusted) old twin boys, and just having a hard time figuring out what "normal" is for breastfeeding babies. I'm so worried about my boys getting...
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    Trouble with twins

    Hi - I'm a new poster to this site. I'm mom to 5 week old (-1 week adjusted age) twin boys and having some breastfeeding issues. Both boys spent some time in the NICU so were bottle fed initially. ...
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