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    nursing affecting fertility?

    I have been nursing my dd for 3 years now. I am about to turn 41 and I really want to get pregnant soon. I am concerned that bf'ing may be affecting my ability to get pregnant. A LLL leader asked...
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    Poll: Re: when is he too old to nurse?

    I am having the same concern and am curious to see what happens in the next few months. My dd is about to turn 3 and will go to preschool this fall. I had not even considered her talking about it;...
  3. Re: Need to stop breastfeeding for medical reason. Please Help!!!

    That is so great. Sometimes, our DH's are like another child and we have to be careful how we treat them to get them to help out. My DH would not do anything if I did not make him do it, but once...
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    Re: nursing and sleep

    Hi -
    I would recommend the book, The No Cry Sleep Solution, by ELizabeth Pantley. I have a dd who has always fought going to sleep for anyone else, only her nana can swing her to sleep outside...
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    Re: nightweaning quickly due to cavities

    There was an article a few months ago in New Beginnings on this subject. You may want to check it out. I totally believe in the genetic aspect because my siblings and I all have had lots of...
  6. Re: I can't take it anymore! I think I want to wean!

    Wow, I have definitely been there, although my dd was not quite that agressive. I realize now that dd's fiery personality had me intimidated and I was afraid to make her cry or scream; therefore, I...
  7. Re: How can I wean a reverse cycle feeder out of my bed?

    I believe it would be best for you to start working on this asap, because it sounds as if your son is firmly entrenched in nursing for sleep and for feeding. I would recommend that you read...
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