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  1. 7mo only wants the breast at night

    I have been working 6 days a week since LO was 3 mo old. I had my first week off since going back and have LOVED every moment with my DD except one thing. I figured out that she likes the bottle...
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    Re: 3 day old - help

    this is normal. when my daughter was born there were days I didn't even bother to put on a shirt : ). her stomach is tiny, growing takes a lot of energy, and breast milk metabolizes so quickly. also...
  3. Re: 4mo... dr said to start solids...more for "fun" .

    my DH was getting frustrated because she was hungry and wouldn't take a bottle ( of ebm, of course :rolleyes:) and tried a sippy - she drank it right up. I guess she's telling us she's ready
  4. Re: anyone else pumping in a retail environment

    - my issue with that is with the time I drop DD off at daycare then get to work, I don't really have time. I'm usually a few minutes late. I've tried pumping while driving...too awkward.
  5. anyone else pumping in a retail environment

    I work in a bank in a very customer focused roll. I just got a transfer and now have an office with a locking door and no camera which is an issue when pumping in a bank :rolleyes:. (my last branch I...
  6. Re: 4mo... dr said to start solids...more for "fun" .

    My dd had a cold so we held off for a week before trying. we gave her some rice cereal and She LOVED it. at 4.5 months. I was surprised. we are still taking it slow. Thanks for all the good advice!
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    Re: i need serious help

    the same thing you asked here! the whole point is to support each other. BF isn't easy - if it was, we wouldn't be on this site. it does get better and it feels so good knowing your doing the very...
  8. 4mo... dr said to start solids...more for "fun" .

    I have a great DR who supports BF fully for at least a yr. but said I should start my 4 mo dd on solids now for the fun / experience of it. I picked up some rice cereal and some "stage 1" foods and...
  9. Re: Can I streamline my breastfeeding? Help, please!

    I would say that's up to the LO. try to feed, burp and then see if lo wants more. my DD is 4 mo and that works well for us.
  10. Re: Baby pulls away from breast and cries

    my DD does that once and a while. I have to feed a minute or two, burp her, feed a few more minutes, burp her etc.... she'll spit up quite a bit too. I will just feed her longer than normal....
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    Re: do you like nursing?

    my husband and I had the same conversation. I think he's still intrigued by it.

    as far as my feelings of BF, it's tough. if it wasn't for LLLI and knowing it is what is best for my DD I don't know...
  12. Re: Mother regressing - 34month old and the breast. Any child psychologists out there

    as a new mom I am amazed at the bonding that occurs during breast feeding. I think it's that bonding the two of you are craving, not the breast. maybe find another way to be physically close and...
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    Re: uneven pumping

    Thanks, I'm new to pumping.
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    uneven pumping

    I didn't get to pump more than once today. I got 3 oz out of one side, 7 oz of the other ( yes I was hurting:yikes). is this a normal thing, is it me or was it the pump????
  15. Re: not enough time to pump at work! losing my milk!

    I just got a PISA from a friend - which car adapter do you have? I've seen 12v and 9v. any other hints? looks awkward to pump and drive...
  16. what accessories? Just Got a PISA - used from a friend.

    has anyone used a car adapter? I see a 9v and a 12v available. are there any other extras that you recommend?

    does the pump come out of the bag for cleaning?
  17. Re: not enough time to pump at work! losing my milk!

    I worry about pumping at home because I want to be sure I have some for DD. From what I read here, I should be ok. I get home about 6pm she has a good feeding then naps ( perfect timing so mommy can...
  18. Re: not enough time to pump at work! losing my milk!

    no one smokes or I would use that. I can't get in early due to alarms. I'm looking into a more mobile pump. I have Playtex Petite Electric pump which is clumsy and no car adapter. they are so...
  19. Re: not enough time to pump at work! losing my milk!

    I work in a very short staffed bank. even though my boss has the best intentions of letting me pump, Customer demand sometimes just doesn't allow it. I am trying to get to a branch that is closer to...
  20. not enough time to pump at work! losing my milk!

    I don't have a lot of time to pump at work. I feed her at 5-6am when we get up then I get maybe 10 minutes at 10am. then maybe another 10min at 1pm or 2pm and then I get home and feed her around...
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    Re: at my wits end

    I've seen them at walmart, target and babies r us. mine are called Kiddopotamus.
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    Re: at my wits end

    oh yeah how could I forget the Swaddle! they have the ones you can buy that Velcro shut under the baby's arm so it doesn't cover their face. my DD LOVED being swaddled.:love
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    Re: at my wits end

    keeping the baby up as much as you can, and the white noise helped me a GREAT DEAL!!! I started to let my DD fuss a LITTLE at night. I had a bad habit of picking her up at any noise. now if she wakes...
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    Re: Breastmilk storage bags

    I use those and they are fine. I store 2oz at a time. what if I don't get enough during a pump ( since I only have 10 minutes at work to do so ) I keep the bottle I pumped in cool until my next...
  25. Re: Breastfeeding And Eating At The Same Time

    :pop anyone? :rolleyes:
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