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  1. Personal pump with strongest suction??

    Hello! I luuuuuuuuve my rented Symphony but need to switch to a personal pump. On the Symphony, I use the highest suction (400 is the vacuum spec, to be geeky :rolleyes:) and it's completely...
  2. Re: 5-month old suddenly eating MUCH less :(

    Mystery solved...Baby has an ear infection. I never would have guessed (no fever, fussiness, change in sleep, etc.) The only sign was poor feeding. Lesson learned and hopefully the abx will help...
  3. 5-month old suddenly eating MUCH less :(

    Baby is almost 6 mos old and BF has been going really well for us until now. Problem is...the last 3 days she is eating MUCH less -- maybe half of what she used to eat. I know she's eating less...
  4. Re: Need success stories -- anyone with better supply the next time around?

    Thanks so much for the good words, Mamas! :hug

    My milk took over 2 weeks to come in, and even after it was fully in, my supply was never enough to satisfy my baby. He would cry after draining...
  5. Need success stories -- anyone with better supply the next time around?

    Hi Mamas,

    I would really love to hear experiences from anyone who had low supply issues with one babe, but better production with the next baby. Dealing with my low supply and not-so-cooperative...
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    Good, affordable scale?


    I have low supply issues and I'd like to know how much BM my LO consumes. When he was young, I rented a very accurate scale. Now that he's 6 months and 20 pounds, a less accurate (and...
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