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  1. Wean to a bottle or a straw cup? And what to do if one twin won't drink milk?

    I've been trying to wean my 1yo twins for a couple weeks now. One is kinda sorta drinking whole milk from a bottle a few times a day. When I give him a straw cup he takes the milk into his mouth...
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    Re: weaning and mama's emotions

    I'm in the process of weaning my 1 year old twins and am equally emotional about it. I remember feeling the same way when I weaned our older son. If it's any consolation, it ended up being less...
  3. Sad about BFing last baby for the last time

    I'm about a week away from BFing my 1 year old twins for the last time. I'm looking forward to many things about weaning but it definitely feels bittersweet. I remember being so upset about weaning...
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    Re: Breastfeeding and periods

    Same thing here. Got my period when my EBF'd twins were 6 months old and notice a big supply drop every month for about three days or so. Such a drag...
  5. Re: 9 mos: can I wean even if he doesn't take a bottle or sippy well?

    I weaned our older son at 9 months and at the time he wouldn't take a bottle or sippy cup very well. It took us 6 years to get pregnant with him and I was eager to get back on the fertility...
  6. Temas: cereal & period

    by Monk

    Re: cereal & period

    I was exclusively breastfeeding TWINS and got my period when I introduced solids. Bummer.
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    Is breastfeeding really safe?

    I BF my twin 9 month olds and BF'd my older son as well. But the more I read about mercury and lead and fire retardants and the like the more I wonder whether my boys might be better off drinking...
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    Re: no break in 5 weeks

    My twins were like that as well. Well, they ate as often although they were a tiny bit speedier. I kept reminding myself that it would get easier. At some point bottles get harder and nursing gets...
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    Re: Can I vent for a moment?

    Ahhh. Just what I wanted to hear. I really appreciate your responses. And even though I thought I didn't need it, a little pat on the back for nursing two is pretty nice after all.

    Oh and one...
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    Re: Baby refusing solids - help please

    I have twins that I'm BFing as well. They're 8.5 months old now. One of mine (initially the bad latcher) will eat anything you put in his mouth. The other has never eaten a bite I've fed him. ...
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    Can I vent for a moment?

    I'm currently breastfeeding my twin 8.5 month olds. So we're not talking teenagers here. And it's truly amazing to me how much pressure I'm getting to stop. These guys are tough to feed. They're...
  12. Temas: My chubby guy

    by Monk

    My chubby guy

    I have 7 month old twin boys and both are big (20+ lbs a month ago). One, however, is really chubby. It's cute now but I do worry about the whole childhood obesity thing. I'm no toothpick myself...
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    I'm sure you've heard this one before...

    I have twin 7 month old boys (this is not really a multiples question though). One eats like a little piggy (both solids and breastmilk) and the other is really psycho about food. He won't go near...
  14. Re: Woe is me - trying to keep supply up with 6 mo twins

    Oh I like the idea about the banana/sweet potato thing so much. That sounds so much more agreeable than trying to squeeze in rice cereal and scooping it off their chins. Eating is supposed to be...
  15. Re: Woe is me - trying to keep supply up with 6 mo twins

    OK day 2 without having to hit the freezer. I don't know if my supply went up or if a growth spurt ended but I finished their day again without having to hit that lone, crinkly paltry frozen bag. ...
  16. Re: Woe is me - trying to keep supply up with 6 mo twins

    Ah - the dreaded Barbie. I'm not going to feel too sorry for you. I have three boys!

    I tend to pump for too long probably. It's my computer time and I get a little carried away at times. 30...
  17. Temas: Dumb question

    by Monk

    Dumb question

    Is it ok to mix baby cereal with water? I hate to waste breastmilk on food they may not eat. Will it be less tasty - and therefore will they be less likely to eat it??
  18. Re: Woe is me - trying to keep supply up with 6 mo twins

    This is all SO very helpful and I really appreciate all your time as I know you have your hands quite full as well.

    So the waking a sleeping baby thing. Ouch. I guess this is where I really have...
  19. Re: Woe is me - trying to keep supply up with 6 mo twins

    7 IVF cycles later I doubt it. Oh and wait - it's not even possible. Breastfeeding and my sex drive. That's a whole 'nother post!
  20. Re: Woe is me - trying to keep supply up with 6 mo twins

    Thanks so much to both of you. Kate - to answer your questions...

    I guess I just assume that my supply has dropped because the boys will drink 5 ounces or so each of pumped milk after I nurse...
  21. Woe is me - trying to keep supply up with 6 mo twins

    I have 6 month old twin boys whom I have been exclusively breastfeeding since birth. Up until a few weeks ago all was going swimmingly. I was always fighting supply (had to be diligent about...
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