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    Re: dental surgery while nursing

    You should not have to interrupt breastfeeding. Here 's a good link on the subject. http://kellymom.com/bf/can-i-breastfeed/illness-surgery/dentalwork/
  2. Re: giving tray of food vs one bite at a time

    I don't think it really matters which way it's done. He's still getting the experience of touching the various textures and controlling the amounts going in, which is the benefit of baby led solids,...
  3. Re: very low milk supply at 6 weeks

    Meg as always has awesome advice. One thing is really jumping out at me though. I definitely feel 20 oz per hour is over hydration. Do you...
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    Re: One year and counting :)

    Yay! Gotta love our big boys. My first was the same weight but a few inches taller at a year. Frustrating because people expect him to act much older than he really is!
  5. Re: Sleep Nursing and nursing for a long time

    I'm not sure if the few week age difference is important here regarding sleepiness, but my week old baby does the same. I probably see his eyes open for a total of an hour a day. Otherwise he...
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    Re: Milk Protein Allergy

    I was told the same thing about my son's rash. It wasn't acne and cleared up within a week or two of eliminating dairy (while still nursing! Don't stop). It would flare up again in small patches on...
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    Re: Solids and a petite baby

    Here 's a good link to get you started. Hope it helps!
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    Re: Solids and a petite baby

    So sorry for your loss mama.

    I take it you are spoon feeding purees right now. Have you looked into baby led solids? She may eat less naturally if she has the experience touching the food...
  9. Re: 16 weeks with GERD- giving up nursing?

    I agree time will likely cure the fussiness at the breast. Four months is a notoriously difficult time it seems. There are huge developmental leaps taking place that cause all sorts of odd...
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    Re: engorgement question.

    Definitely ice/cold compresses for your discomfort! This also helped me later on when baby was fussy about the fast flow.
    I also really like the idea to meet a LLL leader or lc ahead of time. I...
  11. Re: ebf baby's poop isnt yellow or seedy

    By five months my son 's once a week poops looked exactly like creamy peanut butter.
  12. Re: Drastic drop in supply for no apparent reason!!!

    Many moms find upping their calcium and magnesium intake while ovulating helps with the related supply dips. Never a bad thing to have enough of those minerals anyway. I use magnesium chloride in...
  13. Re: Very small toddler - 21 months/18lbs

    Since everything else sounds right on track, give it more time. I've found my son 's weight gain as a toddler plateaus and spurts much more as compared to the steady gain of an infant. Ds gained...
  14. Re: Is my 7 month old getting enough?

    Any chance it could really be an ear infection?

    Otherwise, I have been in the same boat. Like i said my son is very high needs. Until he could walk on his own, most of his day was spent...
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    Re: Could exercise affect supply?

    One thing to remember is most doctors do not receive any training what so ever on breastfeeding. Even ENT's don't learn anything about the effects of tongue tie...
  16. Re: Safe Skincare Products While Breastfeeding?

    I just switched to using Shea Moisture Black African Soap and love it. It does have salicylic acid in it but I'm fairly sure it's a low dose. It doesn't have any nasty chemicals like sulphates or...
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    Re: Balancing sleep & feeding

    I agree with the pp. Is it you've been trying to feed at least every two hours if she hadn't cued yet? Or you're feeding according to the clock? Newborns are rarely predictable sleep or feeding...
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    Re: 2 years

    There's no reason to wean until you and your daughter are ready. The WHO recommends nursing until AT LEAST 2. Breastmilk is still playing a huge role in developing her immune system, providing the...
  19. Re: Is my 7 month old getting enough?

    Sorry your post is getting lost! I'll try to help.
    Try supplementing yourself...
  20. Re: Large breasted laid back nursing?

    How far were you reclining? It really doesn't have to be far, just enough so that you're not hunched over baby. For the first several months I always held my breasts so Ds didn't get smothered. I...
  21. Re: How Much Milk Does a Newborn Really Need?

  22. Re: Need encouragement - 3.5 months struggling

    I just wanted to come in and say this phase of fussy daytime nursing may be entirely unrelated to your return to work. I stay at home but my son did the same thing at that age. He nursed well at...
  23. Re: Newly Pregnant with 2nd child~need to wean 1st?

    Hi mama and congrats! I'm 35 weeks pregnant myself with a nursing 2.5 yo. No, you don't have to wean just because of pregnancy. Some moms do because like you said, it can be very exhausting. Some...
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    Re: Help! I've created a monster!

    http://evolutionaryparenting.com/gentle-sleep-resources/My first thought is try a sling or carrier if it's putting him down that wakes him up. Prioritize your household duties. I didn't get a lot...
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    Re: Breastfeeding help

    She's two months, right? And you said weight gain was going well so yeah i agree. Get that extra little sleep for now and just offer to dream feed if you feel uncomfortable.
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