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    Mastitis and weaning


    I'm in the process of weaning my 2yo and so far so good, he hasn't nursed in one week but the problem is that now i have a little bit of pain in one breast. I tried to extract my milk...
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    weaning to get pregnant??

    My LO is 17 months now and nursing around 4 times x day (sometimes one at night, but mostly not yeiii), I wouldn't mind nursing him until he is 2, but I am afraid that nursing him might stop me...
  3. Re: Another night weaning question...

    Thanks for the reply still.here. My baby actually already got his 4 molars, so I know that is not the problem and yes it was hell when he got them (bleeding, etc). I had already seen the Jay Gordon...
  4. Another night weaning question...


    My LO is 17 months and nurses to fall asleep (nap time and night time). During the day usually is really OK he will only nurse 4 times which is fine with me. The thing is that at night he...
  5. Re: No more booby for my 2 year old! My husband is brilliant

    how did you handle night wakings? I'm curious since I want to start night weaning but i'm not sure how to do it, thanks!
  6. Help with milk blister or thrush?

    My LO is 13 months old and nursing is going very well, but 3 weeks ago I saw I had a white spot on my nipple, I didn't hurt or anything but then I saw it grew bigger so when I looked into Kelly...
  7. Re: My darling now on solids but constipated - not enough BF

    I had the same problem with my LO, and it's been a long road trying to fight constipation. He actually didn't eat that much (he ate less than 2oz each meal at 7 months) but it was still constipating...
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    Re: 9 mo only nursed to sleep

    My baby is the same age as yours and we are in a similar situation, I think that if it works for you and you are happy with your routine you don't need to change anything. My baby is now changing...
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    Re: Do I have some kind of fungus?

    just a little bit, but not that much.
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    Do I have some kind of fungus?

    My LO is almost 10 months and still nurses on demand, eats some food 3 times a day and is gaining weight fine. Recently I noticed some spots on my breasts (not the nipples that I can tell, but...
  11. Re: Nursing to sleep and the 4 month wakeful

    For us the 4 month period was a difficult one and I remember my LO would wake up more than usual at night and not always hungry. I would sometimes let him stay and see what happened and to my...
  12. Re: Is it possible to drop one feeding?

    Thanks again for the replies, I will try pumping and see how it goes, I know that if he eats food at noon sometimes he can go 3.5 hours without nursing so maybe if I'm not around it is enough for him...
  13. Re: Is it possible to drop one feeding?

    Thanks for the replies. My baby will be with my mom or my mom-in-law, so I will not be with him. I have tried pumping but it is very hard, I found I have no extra milk, plus I won't be able to pump...
  14. Is it possible to drop one feeding?

    Hello ladies,

    My LO is 9 months and I mostly BF him, he eats 2 a day but not that much. He nurses every 3 hours, which is the same pattern since he was a newborn, and recently he nurses more...
  15. Re: First solids and constipation issues...

    Goes without saying that the Dr. also thought that BM is constipating (What????) he is not my regular dr. mine is on vacation thankfully!
  16. Re: First solids and constipation issues...

    Thanks a lot you both for your input!! I will be thinking of the plug next time he eats chicken hehehe..
    my little one actually pooped yesterday and like djs.mom said, it looked like peanut butter...
  17. First solids and constipation issues...


    We've been doing BLW for about a month now, my LO is 7 months 1 week but I just came from the Dr. 'cause he is having trouble passing stool, it's been a week now and last time it took him 5...
  18. Re: Need advice for my 7 month old baby sleeping patterns

    Thanks for the support I keep telling myself it is just a phase, but I am exhausted since he was waking up only twice at 3 months and this "phase" actually started when he was 4 months old, so I was...
  19. Need advice for my 7 month old baby sleeping patterns

    I have a 7 month old baby and so far I have nursed on demand he's been exclusively BF until 6.5 months, we have introduced some solids but we are doing BLS so he "eats" a little but he is...
  20. I thought my baby was ready... Am I wrong?

    My baby is 6.5 mo and I thought he was ready for solids, I wanted to do BLS so I started offering him some food this week. I started with carrots but he would not even pick them, he was more...
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    Re: Getting baby to take a pacifier

    I had the same problem that you did. I started offering the pacifier at 1 month old with no success I kept trying until he was about 2 months (I would try every day, my husband and my mother in law...
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    Re: Brestfeeding in public(long)

    I also have large breasts and at the beginning it was difficult for me to handle my LO while BF because I needed to hold his head and my breast at the same time (my breast was bigger than his...
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    Re: Am I creating a future problem?

    Thanks for all the comments! I am def. encouraging LO to do comfort nursing even if it is just for relaxing and not sleeping :)
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    Am I creating a future problem?

    My question is regarding the new use of the pacifier that my 5mo is developing... here is a summary

    My LO is 5mo and EBF, no bottles and up until 2 weeks ago, no pacifier either. Since he was...
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    Re: How Big is a 4 month old?

    My LO turned 4 mo yesterday and we went to the pediatrician today, he weights 14 pounds and 24.5 in, we was 6 pounds at birth so he is doing great, he also eats BM exclusively and no bottles or paci...
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