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  1. 13 month old not interested in breakfast!

    Hi ladies!

    So my 13 month old daughter is just not interested in breakfast! She has been exclusively breasted and still is. I stay home with her and our routine every day is pretty similar. She...
  2. Feeding 10.5 month old who has never taken a bottle!

    Hello Ladies,

    My 10.5 month old is exclusively breastfed and has never taken a bottle. My husband and I have not been on a date night since before she was born and have been wanting to get out...
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    eat, sleep, play

    Hello Mamas!

    My 6 month old DD has been nursing to sleep since she was a newborn and it has really worked for us. We co-sleep at night and mostly for naps as I am a stay at home mommy. Since...
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    Sippy Cup for 5 month old?

    Hi Ladies!!

    So my almost 5 month old baby girl does not like bottles or pacifiers..pretty much any artificial nipple she despises!! haha! Luckily I am a stay at home and am able to bring her...
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    Re: diet and breast feeding

    I believe you have to consume an extra 500 calories a day on top of what you should be consuming for your normal weight! I hope that helps. I know I am ALWAYS hungry..so I just graze all day! =)...
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    OALD & baby not taking bottle..

    Hi Mommas!

    My 3 month old is exclusively breastfed and we are now trying to introduce a bottle for occasional uses. I have OALD/OS and she has FINALLY been able to take the letdown without...
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    Re: nursing for 5 min?

    In regards to wet diapers..how do you know what a good wet diaper is? We use disposables at the moment. Thanks!!
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    Re: nursing for 5 min?

    Thanks ladies for your feedback! It's good to hear there are other moms out there experiencing this as well =).
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    nursing for 5 min?

    Hello Mommas!

    First of all I want to say how great these forums are! I have had great feedback and help which has helped me continue to nurse my little girl..thank you!!

    My little one is 10...
  10. Re: Baby only likes to nurse lying down!

    Thanks ladies! I will keep trying other positions. She usually latches on in the cradle position then will nurse for a few minutes then pull off. I can't get her back on after she pulls off and if...
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    Re: Baby won't take bottle

    The bottle that we used was a Tommie Tippee so I'm glad that it worked for you! We are going to try it out again but this time I am going to watch to see what happens! Wish me luck! Thanks for your...
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    Baby won't take bottle

    Hi Ladies,

    I am a stay at home mom who is going to occasionally pump for times that I will be away from my little one (maybe 2-3 times a month). My little one is 9 weeks old. I successfully...
  13. Baby only likes to nurse lying down!!


    My 9 week old only likes to nurse lying down!! I have oversupply/overactive letdown and have been nursing her lying down for the past 6 weeks to help with the situation. She now only...
  14. Help! Questions about occasional pumping

    Hello Ladies,

    I am a first time nursing mom and am really enjoying the experience! I have a 9 week old and am lucky to be able to stay at home with her :clap. For the past 2 months I have been...
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