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    nursing strike and thrush???


    I have an 8 month dd, who started out with hands foot and mouth at the first of June. Then she had an ear infection as a secondary to that, then the antibiotics from that caused the thrush....
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    14 week old cries when put to nurse

    I have a 14 week old dd who cries when ever I offer a breast to her. She is my second ds my first nursed until almost 2 yr. She is exclusive and has never had a bottle. I have oversupply issues, and...
  3. Re: Help! Recurring milk blisters/blebs. Very painful.

    I have the same problem, or at least I did with ds#1. Always on the left side and pretty much in the same place each time. I would poke it with a needle and then let ds nurse on it. ouch ouch. That...
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