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    Biting -- Please help!

    My DS is 9 1/2 months and I have been exclusively BFing since birth. My letdown is definitely not as fast nor stong as it used to be. Recently, my son has taken up the habit of biting down (without...
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    Re: Daytime Nursing Strike?

    Thank you ladies for your feedback thus far. Very good questions and my responses:

    Am I using bottles with slow-flow nipples?
    Currently using medium-flow nipples, but have been for quite some...
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    Daytime Nursing Strike?

    I am a full time working mother who has been exclusively breastfeeding her 7 month son. I had been nursing him on demand when I'm at home in the evenings or throughout the entire weekend. I pump at...
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    Re: Medela PIS Battery Pack Life?

    Thanks for the post! :)
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    Re: Please help I want to quit.

    Reading your post brought back so many memories of my first few weeks with my DS who was born 12 weeks ago. I'm also a first time mommy and was just like you... exhausted, emotional and in so much...
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    Medela PIS Battery Pack Life?

    Does anyone use the battery pack (insert 8 AA's) that comes with the Medela PIS? How long does a set of 8 AA batteries last?

    Just the other day, I damaged my AC adapter with my vacuum cleaner...
  7. Re: Irregular Feedings -> Pump to relieve engorgement?

    Thank you for the advice. I'm so grateful for this website forum. I will think about pumping for a couple of minutes when I feel extremely full (particularly at night).

    Another question: Has...
  8. Irregular Feedings -> Pump to relieve engorgement?

    My DS is almost 4 weeks old and still feeds at irregular intervals. Perhaps he is going through a growth spurt / cluster feedings? Sometimes he feeds every 1.5 hours, and other times every 3.5...
  9. Re: Difficult to Nurse --> Cracked & Sore Nipples

    By the way, has anyone heard of 'Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter'? They have this at Babies R Us. For the Motherlove nipple cream, I don't have a Whole Foods near where I live and did...
  10. Re: Difficult to Nurse --> Cracked & Sore Nipples

    Thank you for your advice and encouragement ladies. I've made initial contact with my LLL leader and will be going to our regional monthly meeting next week! It's good to know that I'm not alone...
  11. Difficult to Nurse --> Cracked & Sore Nipples

    Please Help! Trying to nurse my stubborn 2 wk old son, while I have cracked & very sore nipples :cry

    ~ My son will periodically use his arms to push himself away while I try to position him for a...
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    Eating Frequency & Spit up

    I'm a new mom to my 6 day old son and have become paranoid with making sure that he gets enough to eat. Any advice would be appreciated :confused:

    (1) The hospital nurses and lactation...
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