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  1. Re: Can I stop pumping at work and only BF at night?

    So, I stopped pumping at work, it wasn't too bad.
    I am now in even more pain when Eli nurses. ugh.
    So, now, thanks to one of your replies above, I am thinking it's thrush.
    Got to go figure that...
  2. Re: Can I stop pumping at work and only BF at night?

    I do have the larger horns (27 mm) for the pump.
    I do have a burning pain with the cracks. The cracks are really gross and blood red but my nipples do look a little white afterwards but not before...
  3. Can I stop pumping at work and only BF at night?

    I have been having a lot of nipple issues (pain, cracking, bleeding) when I pump at work. I stop pumping over the weekend when my son is Bfed and my nipples heal a bit and then when monday morning...
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    Re: Oops, what should I do?

    I have been known to use a brand new empty water bottle when I have forgotten my bottles and ran out of bags.
    We've all done this.
    good luck.


    Nathaniel (10/14/05)
    Eli (6/7/07)
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    I left the milk out all night!

    My husband came into the bedroom this morning and said "don't get upset but....you left the breast milk in the cooler bag on the counter all night"
    so, is it bad? :banghead
    I pumped 2 of the 3...
  6. Re: Milk storage - mixing milk before freezing

    I've done everything that you've contemplated (i.e. mixing before and afterwards). I never had a problem with spoiled milk or my son not taking previously frozen milk. As long as you are following...
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    Re: How do I wean from pumping?

    Yes, that is correct!


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    How do I wean from pumping?

    I am currently an exclusive pumper for the most part, my son nurses a little everyday, if he FEELS like it.:rolleyes:
    I am thinking about what I need to do once I decide to stop pumping. I haven't...
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    Re: slave to the pump... pumping on time?

    I hear ya.
    I am almost an exclusive pumper like yourself. My son will latch on but he never ate for long enough periods. So, we mostly bottle feed and he feeds in the early morning and evening for...
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    Re: falling behind due to supplementing

    I would suggest the nurse-in, I wish I did.
    My son is 18 weeks old today and was born 3 weeks early. We had one issue in the beginning which is what I consider the defining point for our situation....
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    Re: Pumping too much?

    My son never caught on to the breastfeeding but takes bottles of BM happily and nurses a little in the morning and at night along with bottles. So, I am almost an exclusive pumper.

    I would suggest...
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