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    Re: How do I wean my 6mo old?

    Wow, sounds tough. I didn't wean till my LO was older, and on food, but I dropped a session per month. So when I started to wean, she was doing about 4 nursing sessions per day, and I cut it down...
  2. Re: Low Supply--May have to stop breastfeeding

    Is there anything else going on? Are you on the Pill or anything? I am not sure what Reglan is, but I definitely had big unexplained dips in my supply at times, however it bounced back. Definitely...
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    Re: Worried I might be drying out!!!

    There are some threads around, you might have to search - on boosting your supply. They involve doing extra nursing and pumping, pumping pumping. Something like pumping every half hour or something...
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    Re: Quantity for bottles

    I pumped into the 4 oz avent bottles but would try to get closer to 5 oz in them, pretty full. My daughter would typically take that much at a feeding. SHe had one in the morning while I pumped...
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    Re: Please help! She won't sleep!

    Sounds like a growth spurt or something. This too shall pass. I know when you are in the middle of it it does feel like it will never end. You might need to do something a little different to...
  6. Re: Anything to do with Postpartum Depression?

    Gosh Muxe, I hope you are getting some help with the PPD. There's nothing wrong with you for feeling so bad, it happens to many moms and you just need some help, rest and assistance getting back...
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    Re: I can't nurse/pump anymore

    Please don't give up quite yet without trying a couple more things... breastfed babies aren't supposed to be gassy and supplementing, especially this early in your supply, can cause pretty major...
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    Re: If I have to wean...how? (long)

    If you find you HAVE to do it, and that you must, go as slow as you can. My little one was drinking 3 bottles of EBM a day in addition to nursing, so that helped because she wasn't getting ALL her...
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    Debra, please update us!

    Debra, we are worried about you. I heard a show on NPR today about Veterans and how the government is not doing enough to get them help, counseling etc. There are new programs they are supposed to...
  10. terrible teething, pain relief for baby?

    My one year old has several teeth already, which came in without a whole lot of trouble. But for four days solid now she has been agonized with teething pain, clingy, miserable, sometimes hysterical...
  11. Re: if starting to wean (at 12 mo), go straight to milk or formula?

    Thanks very much for the articles and the answer, the NY times one won't let me read it though!

    I think you might misunderstand my question - I have been expressly breastfeeding for 11.5 months...
  12. if starting to wean (at 12 mo), go straight to milk or formula?

    I am a mom who works full time and I have been doing the pumping thing and going to nurse at lunch for 10 months now. Eliza is changing daycare situations, going from a very nice but unstructured...
  13. thawed whole frozen peas? OK for 10 mo?

    My little one is 10.5 months. She got a rather slow start to solids but is good with them now. In fact she is all about the pincer grasp, and loving the mommy-daddy foods much more than she likes...
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    Re: How's my output?

    Alexa's mom, you may not end up needing to supplement. I have been working full time for the last 7 months and still feeding breastmilk exclusively - I give my baby a bottle in the morning and I am...
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    Re: How's my output?

    Wow, that is an AMAZING output!
    So were you pretty much exclusively pumping yesterday, except for the one feeding you mention, or was that your total output including some you had to feed by...
  16. Re-establishing supply after illness, help! Can't pump!

    I had a stomach flu or food poisoning or something this weekend. The worst of it is over, and luckily my husband and 8 Mo baby did not catch it. However, my milk supply is almost nil now. The...
  17. What to do if baby only likes sweet fruits?

    My daughter is 8 months. We initially tried banana a few months ago, without much success. Have occasionally tried other things since but she's been sick a lot in last few months so we put off much...
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    Re: Medela Pump Owners

    I rinse mine in very hot water after each use and wash in the dishwasher every couple of days. THat's alll it has taken for me.
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    Re: Overfeeding with EBM?

    I was really worried about the same thing when my little one started daycare at 2 months of age. I was sure that she was giving my daughter more than she needed,and was worried she was really going...
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    Re: hope this is not a stupid question

    My lactation consultant said 20 minutes even if the drips and etc stop at 10 minutes. She said that the extra pumping mimics the "toying" that the baby does with the nipple at the end of a feeding,...
  21. Re: Supply low, and freezer defrosted my whole stash...

    Oh dear! with such a little one, too. Well good luck to you and here's hoping your supply goes back up! Drink TONS of water!
  22. Re: Just started pumping; baby is 6 mo old....

    Yes, I think you can do it and it is worth it. Once you get used to the pump and more "practiced" you can probably make quite a difference even if you just pump once a day! It will help your supply...
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    Re: Pumping at 6 mos and beyond

    I don't know if this would work for others, but I dramatically cut my pumping down several months ago, with no ill-effect on my baby or supply. My body just got used to it! I pump in the AM while...
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    Re: medela tips??

    Is your manual a double pump? Is your electric double? I would think that you would be done twice as fast with a double pump. But if you are not getting much more after trying for a while, I would...
  25. Re: Supply low, and freezer defrosted my whole stash...

    Thank you guys so much. We just got a freezer/fridge back yesterday so it has been a long two weeks. I was desperately upset about the FORTY FOUR bags until I thought about my good friend, also a...
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