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    3 month old nursing too much?

    So I have been chatting with some other nursing moms and learned that my baby nurses a lot more than theirs do.

    She is 3 months old, gaining well, and has lots of pee and poop diapers.

  2. Re: Nursing baby to sleep/how to get her to settle at night

    My baby will nurse to sleep, but getting her to stay asleep is a different matter entirely! She only wants to sleep at the breast, and when I lay her down she wakes up and cries. It is hard enough to...
  3. Is this caused by overactive letdown?


    I've got a problem with oversupply and overactive letdown. My baby coughs at the breast and spits up a lot.

    I took her to the doctors about the coughing and he said that its nothing to...
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    Re: Wake to feed?

    Oh and by the way I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who helped me in my previous two threads! I am so happy to have a forum like LLL to come get advice from experienced BFing moms! You...
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    Wake to feed?

    My baby originally had poor weight gain but she is now gaining well. She has put on a pound in the last three weeks and her doctor is happy with that. The doctor also said that her growth in height...
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    Things are getting worse

    Baby had poor weight gain but seemed to be doing fine after about 4 weeks. She is now 7 and a half weeks. She is now spitting up A LOT, fussing a lot, crying during feeding, coughing, and hiccuping....
  7. Re: I think my pediatrician is wrong - what do you think?

    I messaged you vivsmama.

    She is not on formula. She is exclusively breastfed. I stopped giving formula a good 3-4 weeks ago.

    I feel like we are regressing in our progress. Today she spit up 13...
  8. Re: I think my pediatrician is wrong - what do you think?

    Thanks so much for all the help. LLL is such a blessing for an inexperienced mom like me! I was worried about the poop today but I'm glad you all think it isn't anything to fret about. It would be so...
  9. Re: I think my pediatrician is wrong - what do you think?

    Her poop has never been green. It is typically an extremely bright yellow. Today its been a dark brownish yellow. They're still seedy but her poops have been very big today. Is this diarrhea?

  10. Re: I think my pediatrician is wrong - what do you think?

    Since I started trying to feed on one side only at each nursing, her poop has become less bright and more brown. Like a brownish yellow colour. What does that mean? She still fusses at the breast a...
  11. Re: I think my pediatrician is wrong - what do you think?

    Now I am pretty sure that I do have oversupply. When I thought I didn't have enough milk I did switch feeding and took fenugreek to increase my milk. Have I caused my own oversupply issue? I am...
  12. Re: I think my pediatrician is wrong - what do you think?

    Sorry, I must have miscalculated, I'm looking back at my records that I wrote down. Her weight gain averaged 4.9 ounces per week. From 7 pounds 5 ounces to 7 pounds 12 ounces in 10 days. Is this more...
  13. Re: I think my pediatrician is wrong - what do you think?

    I have no idea whether it was the same scale. Probably wasn't. The pediatrician's building is HUGE and we're often seen in a different room each time.

    Do you think the birth weight could have...
  14. Re: I think my pediatrician is wrong - what do you think?

    Thanks so much for your responses.

    The weights were all done with baby in a dry diaper. Her poops are quite large and yes, we only count the large ones, so I am not worried about that.

    I have...
  15. I think my pediatrician is wrong - what do you think?

    Baby was born at 7 pounds 5 ounces by C section after I had been on IV for 18 hours. Her face was really puffy and so was mine, so I think we got filled up with fluids. She lost 10.8% of her body...
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    Bad reflux and cow's milk

    I've noticed my baby's reflux worsening as I've started to drink more milk in order to get more calcium. I am wondering if anyone here has a baby with cow's milk allergy? And how did you know that...
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    Re: Finding "normalcy."

    Just wanted to say thanks to all the ladies who offered encouragement to the OP! I read through the entire thread and the advice given is very good. My baby is 6 weeks old also and it gets...
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    Re: worried about leaving baby

    I would also try to bring her to the wedding in a sling or stay home.
  19. Re: Different LC's & very conflicting advice

    I am a new mom and in no way an expert, but I have had similar experiences to yours so thought I would pitch in and give my two cents.

    My baby is 6 1/2 weeks and also nursed constantly. She still...
  20. Re: quitting fenugreek/blessed thistle

    I do eat oatmeal on a daily basis (not for milk supply, but just because I love it). I don't believe in the fertility awareness method either. I don't believe in any form of birth control but leave...
  21. Re: Grandparents do not understand "nursing on demand" conce

    If I were you I would definately stop letting them watch the baby. If they want to spend time with your baby they can do it when you are awake and present. I wouldn't hand the baby off to them when...
  22. Re: quitting fenugreek/blessed thistle

    It would be very unlikely that I become pregnant. We will not be actively 'trying to conceive' but rather 'not trying not preventing.' We do not use birth control due to our religious beliefs. We...
  23. quitting fenugreek/blessed thistle

    Since my husband and I will likely resume 'relations' sometime in the next few weeks, and we're leaving it to chance (not using birth control), I'm going to stop using fenugreek and blessed thistle...
  24. Is it too late to breastfeed my bottlefed baby?

    My little girl is 10 days old now. My 38 week 3 day induction failed and she was delivered by c-section. She was healthy at birth with a perfect apgar score and she breastfed well soon after the...
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