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  1. Weaning from pumping exclusively

    My little one (3 months) gets around 14 oz. a day from breastmilk that I pump. He has never transferred enough milk and/or I have never made more than the above. I am thinking about weaning and I'm...
  2. Re: Pumping- how long to see results?

    I'm using an Avent IQ Duo. I don't pump at night because he sleeps at night, but I guess that's an option. I'm trying to see if I actually can make any more milk than I already am. I've tried the...
  3. Pumping- how long to see results?

    How long should it take to see an increase in supply if I'm pumping more frequently? A day? A week?
    I pump almost exclusively because the lo (2.5 months) is not very efficient and I don't think I...
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    Re: 6 weeks old and still lazy

    We have a scale so we can see how much he is getting.

    He can suck well and we are using an sns occasionally, but my problem is that I don't have the time to sit with him all day. I work from...
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    6 weeks old and still lazy

    I know my lo is still young, but he is so lazy and ineffective at the breast that I get more pumping than he gets in a hour!!!:shrug I've tried all the tricks but we've made little progress.

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    Working from home and newer baby


    I have my own business and work from home and I am wondering how I'm going to handle breastfeeding and working.

    My little one is 5 weeks old and takes forever to breastfeed, which I...
  7. Re: Will he ever get an appetite?!!!

    When he was born on Oct 21st he weighed 6lbs. 14 oz. Discharge weight was 6lbs. 10oz. Three days after he was born he weighed 6lbs. 6 oz. Not a huge deal , my milk wasn't in yet. But then, 3 days...
  8. Re: Will he ever get an appetite?!!!

    Do you think I should stop pumping as well and see how it goes? It would be so nice to just enjoy him and feed him and not have to worry about pumping and then either sns or a bottle.

    I think I...
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    Re: pumping for supply, when?

    He is a very lazy/inefficient eater. i.e. The last time he nursed was from 1:55 to 3:15 pm. He took both sides and I thought he did pretty well, especially on the second side, but he only ate 1.8...
  10. Will he ever get an appetite?!!!

    I think my little one would eat every five hours if he could! He is only 3 weeks old and it's not that he's always sleepy, he sometimes is wide awake and still won't nurse aggressively enough. He's...
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    pumping for supply, when?

    I am supposed to be pumping after nursing to try to up/keep up my supply because my 3 week old is still not up to birthweight.

    Sometimes during the day this isn't possible because the lo is up...
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    Re: Pumping after

    Thank you so much! I am going to rent a scale today.

    My only problem is that it's hard to pump during the day. He wants to be held so I can't really pump. Do you think it will still help if I...
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    Pumping after

    Hello! I am new to the forums and have a little one who will be 3 weeks on Tuesday.

    He is a lazy eater, doesn't necessarily fall asleep but is just lazy. At a week and a half he had lost 13 oz. ...
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