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  1. Re: More formula than breast milk, feeling like a complete failure

    keep at it, mama! you're doing so many things right! follow the kellymom links and it WILL work! (see my signature!) it took me longer than usual for reasons you don't need to worry about, but it...
  2. Re: baby taking 20 oz formula per day--help!

    not neccesarily. all babies are different. make sure wets are good. otherwise, unless your lo is crying when making a bm, or there is blood in his diaper, don't fret. some babies only go once or...
  3. Re: baby taking 20 oz formula per day--help!

    i just got DD off formula. she was taking about the same as your babe (20+ oz). i'm not going to lie, it's been a long and frustrating road, but well worth it! of course, i have other issues (see...
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    We Did It!!!

    DD has had nothing but my boob for 4 days!!! i owe you ladies so much for your advice and support! thank you!!
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    Re: Overweight mama=low milk supply?

    hmmmm. good to know!
  6. Re: I hope it's not too nosy and won't offend anyone, but how old are you?

    32 and young!!! except after a sleepless night... then i feel every single year!
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    Re: too early?

    thanks. i found a few ideas to help her feel involved at dinnertime without the cereal through there, too!
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    too early?

    DD is 4 mos+. she's had great head control for 3 months, sits well with minimal support, and has (very vocally) expressed interest in solids. going on my gut instinct, the pedi's advice of mother...
  9. sick and baby's super hungry...

    first of all :cheer for breastmilk! DD is the ONLY one in the house not sick!
    now to the point: i've checked old posts but haven't found what i'm looking for... i've been sick for about 5 days now...
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    Re: can oald start out of nowhere????

    ahhh... so THIS is what it's like to be normal???!!! yay!! thanks, for clearing that up for me!
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    Re: can oald start out of nowhere????

    i'm not really worried about it so much as curious... i always thought something like that would be present from the start.... i really have no clue! this is the most milk i've ever made so new...
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    can oald start out of nowhere????

    now that i'm sooo close to ebfing and my supply is nearer where it should be, i'm squirting at letdown. DD isn't choking, though.... any clue what's going on here?
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    Re: Reestablishing good latch

    my DD was doing this last month. after a few days of forcing myself not to get distracted (no easy task around here!) and making sure she was on properly, breaking suction and relatching each and...
  14. Re: Ok mamas... so sad, need some advice.

    i just got around to reading this and i just wanted to say sorry you're having a rough time. :hugs sleep issues are never fun, having the doc get all over your heiney doesn't help at all. then...
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    Re: down to 8 oz formula today!!!

    thanks! i'm hoping the reglan i just started will help me to catch up! fingers crossed!!
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    Re: Worried Mom-to-be

    you're in the right place! the ladies here all full of support and encouragement! don't forget your local lll groups! sorry to hear that the hospitals lc was no help to your friend (sometimes i...
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    down to 8 oz formula today!!!

    :cheer for me and my boobies!
  18. crossing my fingers that this will finally do it!?!

    i've been doing everything by the book i am capable of to ebf my lo. she's absolutely satsified with what i have to offer all day long. only at nighttime do i have to suppliment with formula now....
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    Re: I gave up....is there hope...

    there is hope! there's a thread that has just resurfaced by kellybell... maybe it was you who brought it back, i dunno.. best of luck! hang in there! and pp is dead on. some bm is sooo much better...
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    Re: My Relactation Story

    i'm in tears right now at the lack of a bf relationship with my oldest... i had a reduction done years before and was told i would never bf. then when andy was born and my milk came in... well... i...
  21. Re: dd refusing to nurse at night... strike?

    thank you for responding... yes, i am completrly frustrated and that doesn't help anything, i know. you may be onto something with the commotion being an issue, she nursed while everyone ate dinner...
  22. Re: dd refusing to nurse at night... strike?

  23. dd refusing to nurse at night... strike?

    dd is fighting big time in the evenings. she's cueing hunger and has always been a little piggy for three hours before bed, but the past few nights it's been a huge struggle to get her to nurse. i'm...
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    Re: Breast Reduction

    i can't add anything. i think she said it all!
    i didn't try with my first. with my second i had bad supply issues (only pumped about 2 oz a day and because of my work, i was nearly exclusively...
  25. Re: Breastfeeding After Lift Surgery

    congrats and welcome! i had a reduction and nipple reconstruction. my first attempt at bfing was very difficult, but now my second time around i'm having a much easier go of it. i'm quite certain...
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