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    Re: We made it a year!!!!

    I am happy to hear that about the sports celebrities. Luckily my husband has been onboard or I woule have to find a baseball player.

    But regarding your situation, my go-to line with arguments that...
  2. Re: Oh No! Pump broken at work and not sure what to do!

    I'm guessing you have a Hygeia since you mention the filter and milk in the tubes. I keep extra everything on hand which you may want to do in the future. I learned that the hard way with baby 1. I...
  3. Re: When Pumping/Daycare doesn't work

    We have hired 2 nannies from Care.com. Well, I should say 2 who worked out plus 2 who didn't. DH works from home every day and I do 1or 2 days a week so we had my daughter at home with a nanny until...
  4. Re: Seeking advice for going out with EBF infant

    Were you alone in the car with baby? With my first, DH or I would sit in the back with her on every trip. This was partially because we had 2 small cars but also to keep her company since she hated...
  5. Re: Slow weight gain... Possibly genetic?

    That sounds like great advice!! :angrypin

    My first baby was about average for her weight, off-the-charts for height. But my son is just not a very hungry guy and he's been on the lower end of...
  6. Re: One week without breastfeeding... How to restart

    You can't really determine what is a good output, and it varies for me, but I can overall tell if there's a big change if output remains low for a few days. Then I would start trouble-shooting pump...
  7. Re: One week without breastfeeding... How to restart

    I may be missing this answer somewhere in the posts, but did you pump frequently while you weren't nursing and were feeding formula? I know pumping is not a good indication of supply, but what is...
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    Re: freezer stash question

    I seem to have a great supply plus a baby who isn't very hungry so my stash is too big and grows! I never need it and forget to swap out fresh for frozen to rotate through. I started with 10 oz and...
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    Re: 5 year old asked to nurse

    While I think it's totally normal for a child to want to try nursing and nothing wrong with letting them, I don't think there's anything wrong with not really wanting to pursue that, either! I was...
  10. Re: When pumping breaks are complicated

    I was actually going to ask if there was somewhere outside right near the store where you could pump or breastfeed if necessary, and to make a point (weather permitting)! I feel like having to clock...
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    Re: Advisse about baby nourished

    Not this time -- but I have noticed my posts re-used on occasion. I didn't realize they were trolls and thought they were quotes gone awry. I don't get it -- the internet makes no sense to me.
  12. Re: Are Chemical Peels OK while breastfeeding?

    I had a couple facials while pregnant (I had horrible breakouts) and emailed the company (Dermalogica) to ask about anything contraindicated in pregnancy. The told me what to make sure the...
  13. Re: Problem about Not responding to Hygeia Pump

    Have you tried using your Medela parts with your Hygeia pump? That's what works for me. I use Hygeia valves in the Medela flanges. If you have tried that, you may have to give some more info so we...
  14. Re: Unreasonable restrictions on pumping from HR

    I guess if you could argue that you are not being given reasonable accommodations. Depending on your state, you may be able to find language to show that. If they're making it impossible to pump,...
  15. Re: Unreasonable restrictions on pumping from HR

    How are you all supposed to know when the room is done? Wait outside the room or keep going back to check? I would bring that up as severely inconvenient. I also once threatened to pump in the...
  16. Re: Baby refusing right breast except lying down

    Just wanted to update that we started up chiropractic appointments again a few weeks ago with lots of craniosacral work. For the past week or so my little guy has nursed on the right side in a...
  17. Re: Need advice about a RESTLESS BABY...

    I don't have advice either, but my son has been the same way off and on. He's 7 months (today!) and it's been a lot less frequent lately, but some nights he tosses and turns (back to side, back to...
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    Re: How to sleep for BF working mom

    Just to show how you can't make any decisions about sleep ahead of time, and all babies are different, my kids did not nurse to sleep beyond the first few months. My daughter occasionally would, but...
  19. Re: When co-workers bash on breastfeeding

    "I used to have a lot of faith in humanity before the advent of the website "comment" section.”
    ― Jim Gaffigan, Dad Is Fat

    Since it's a new coworker it's not the place to set him straight, and...
  20. Re: Weaned 8 months ago & there's still milk and pain

    Just a thought -- if you do see an IBCLC, see if they can recommend a doctor who specializes in breast issues near you. My IBCLC was very hesitant to give me any health advice or diagnosis (she...
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    Re: Pump in style troubleshooting

    With a quick search I found this link on the Medela site:


    Someone on here said you could rent from some Babies R Us stores, but I've never heard...
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    Re: Pump in style troubleshooting

    Is there a place you can rent a hospital grade pump, even for a short time? I would think that it would help to see if you have the same problem with that pump. If you're pumping right after a...
  23. Re: decreasing pumping/supplementation

    Is there a car adaptor plug for the Symphony? I'm not sure. I know the Symphony I rented had a battery pack, because I used it when out at a class once. It seems like the PISA is not working for...
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    Re: Pumping at work

    I see this as resourceful, so good for you! You may just have to try to find other times, like maddieb mentions above (is during your commute possible if you have one?). I've found that a...
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    Re: Are you STILL breastfeeding?

    I think we've all had these interactions. Breastfeeding has taught me so much about our culture, especially how little breastfeeding is understood or even considered a part of life. To be honest,...
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