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  1. Re: Alimentos que producen colicos cuando volerlos a comer?

    La mayoria de las mamas pueden comer cualquier cosa: brocoli, frijoles, etc. Muchas madres pueden experimentar con comidas diferentes, si les parece que a su bebe no le hace bien esa comida. Las...
  2. Re: 16 month old weaned...? HELP! I want to keep breastfeedi

    This is so hard! I know I would have felt down, too, if my little ones had weaned like this. You're not alone in enjoying and seeing value in nursing a 17-month-old!

    It sounds like her refusal of...
  3. Re: How to prepare for return to work?

    Good for you breastfeeding your baby before returning to work! This is a great way to make sure you have enough milk when you go back to work.

    Many mothers work full-time whose babies only eat...
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    Re: embarazada se puede lactar

    Claro que puedes seguirla alimentando. Ten en mente que puede que tu leche se seque. Esto ocurre en tiempos diferentes para cada embarazo, tal vez en el empiezo del embarazo o la mitad o en la fin. Y...
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    Re: Dudas sobre Lactancia

    Es duro ser mama a veces! Es en mundo totalmente nuevo y es dificil saber que hacer. Uno dice algo, otro dice algo diferente.

    Lo que me encanta de La Liga de la Leche es que aqui encuentras a...
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    Re: Mamá primeriza

    Ten en mente que la comida basica para un bebe hasta el primer ano debe ser la leche materna (o leche preparada si no amamantando). La comida que recibe aparte de esto debe ser complimentaria, es...
  7. Re: ¿Seguir dando despues de que eche leche?

    Puedes ofrecer el pecho a tu bebe en cualquier momento que tu quieres o que el desea. Que edad tiene tu bebe? Ten en mente que la cantidad de leche se regula con tiempo. Hay bebes que echan leche por...
  8. Re: Is it too late to increase supply?

    It's not too late.

    To increase supply, milk should be removed more frequently, probably by nursing more often or alternatively by expressing milk with hands or with a pump. Aim for 8-10 times per...
  9. Re: Illness-related milk-supply drop and afraid to pump

    Babies adjust. Babies who don't/won't take bottles survive. Some babies do well being fed with a cup or a spoon, or with a sippy cup or straw when they are older. I think you and your baby would get...
  10. Re: Losing hope. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

    One week of a rough start is so early in the process! This is not how it will be always :)

    Definitely this is a situation when some in-person help and comfort might be of some use. Have you...
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    Re: I do not enjoy nursing my 33 mo

    The LLL book Mothering Your Nursing Toddler has lots of great ideas.

    Just here to say that yes nursing an older child is hard and I didn't enjoy it sometimes, either! I tri-andum nursed my...
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    Re: 1 year - no end to pumping in sight

    Sometimes the voices at LLL meetings are the experience of the mothers in the meeting, but NOT the official voice of LLL. It might help your relationship with your local LLL if you speak one-on-one...
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    Re: 9 months old and nursing less

    Babies vary so much! Some are super excited about solids before a year old, and moms worry! Others are not interested at all about solids even after a year old, and moms worry! I think this is great...
  14. Re: Screaming through the night 2 week old

    Was he recently circumcised?

    What was delivery like? Did you receive pain meds during or after birth? These can affect his mood/wakefulness, then his behavior can change and take a while to get...
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    Re: Occassional bottle

    So often a 3.5-month-old can go 2-3 hours without eating while Mom is away, and bottle feeding isn't really a necessity. Using the bottle as a way for dad to bond with the baby can introduce problems...
  16. Re: 1st time mom-to-be... electric or manual pump?

    I agree with the above that the thought process that dad needs to feed his baby to bond with him can undermine breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is something only mom can do, yet there are so, so, so many...
  17. Re: 11 week old sick and feeding less, worried about milk su

    Mastitis is sometimes related to milk not being removed. Was that the case with you? Like, did your baby start scaling back nursing before his cold?

    A well-established milk supply is fairly hardy...
  18. Re: 12 week old refusing breast but accepting bottles

    It sounds like you have a lot of stress related to going back to work. It sounds like that is already affecting your breastfeeding relationship (i.e. you are making changes to how you want to parent)...
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    Re: Going back to work

    Are you returning to 9-to-5 M through F? Or what is your work schedule? How long will you be away from your baby (stretch of time)?

    Can you check with Human Resources about finding a place to pump...
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    Re: Clampdown...still

    Have you tried laid-back breastfeeding? Mom is reclined, almost lying down. Baby is on mom's chest. Everyone is unclothed (diaper for baby). Baby-led latch. You can support baby's head with your...
  21. Re: Feeling pressure? about feeding solids

    I think you are wise to limit parent-fed solids for your 9-month-old! Self feeding is a great gauge for how ready baby is for solids.

    Pushing solids is a part of the plan when moms are trying to...
  22. Re: Need serious help with supply issues-long...

    I'm having a hard time understanding what exactly the problem is. Is it that your baby isn't gaining weight like she should? Is the problem that you're not pumping enough? Is it that your baby is...
  23. Re: Help with weaning, possible mastitis

    Would you be open to nursing her on demand when she's with you? Some moms who work out of town (or even in town) find nursing a wonderful way to reconnect after being away.

    That's good news that...
  24. Re: 12 week old refusing breast but accepting bottles

    Oh, can you give more info about what happened at 8 weeks? He began to fall off the curve, so what did you do? Did any of that contribute to him not wanting the breast?

    What about sleep patterns?...
  25. Re: 12 week old refusing breast but accepting bottles

    Let's say that you no longer breastfeed at the breast but you give your milk that you pump. YOU WILL STILL BE A BREASTFEEDING MOTHER and that's NOT a failure.

    Let's say you ended breastfeeding...
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