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    Re: 4-months-old not gaining weight

    about the poop: http://drjaygordon.com/pediatricks/general/poop.html basically, some green poop is totally normal, without other troubling symptoms that go along with it.

    weight: sounds like...
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    Re: Green poop question

    you're not taking fenugreek, by any change? fenugreek taken to boost milk supply can cause green poops in some babies.
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    Re: How do I respond?

    i completely agree with pp's in that responsive parenting is the best parenting. letting a baby that age cry is pretty terrible imo, and in the opinion of many other respected doctors and childcare...
  4. Re: Breastfeeding friendly eating/recipies

    what are the symptoms of her gassiness? general grumping is normal; grouchiness is also normal. there is a lot going on upstairs at 1mo.

    it is normal for babies her age to be fussy, for no...
  5. Re: 4 1/2 month old with teeth biting so sad

    you're right, at that age, it is unlikely that baby will understand your verbal instructions, but he can still begin to understand the gist of it all; your voice, your face, your words, and your...
  6. Re: Please help.. ready to throw in the towel ;(

    mama, it can be hard when we hit speed bumps w/ nursing. it's supposed to be so "easy", "natural", etc, but sometimes nature just throws a mama a curve ball. you're doing great. keep nursing her...
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    Re: Will it get easier...?

    it is very normal to have a rough period at the beginning that smooths itself out. sometimes consulting with an IBCLC helps/is needed, and sometimes mamas tough through it and work it out between...
  8. Re: Distractibility in a 10 week old?

    many moms find that nursing covers make distraction worse. but if it works for you, use it! yes, it is hard to get a quiet, dark room to nurse in when you have a toddler running loose, totally been...
  9. Re: Distractibility in a 10 week old?

    i wouldn't say you need to be concerned with dehydration at this point. have you tried nursing her in a dark, quiet room to minimize distractions?

    from kellymom.com (awesome breastfeeding...
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    Re: Baby is a gymnast at the breast

    exactly wss.

    this is totally normal behavior. they get so antsy b/c they're aware of their own bodies, learning how to move them, becoming aware of all that's around them, and it's hard for them...
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    Re: EBF and green poo?

    are you by any chance taking fenugreek, or any other supplements? just asking because you mentioned that you were concerned about your supply, and often times ebf babies whose mommies are taking...
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    Re: pasty poop help!

    hi, mama. jmo, but this poop looks fairly normal to me for a baby who is ebf. how often is he pooping? does he seem to be uncomfortable/in pain or grunt like he is trying to poop, but constipated?...
  13. Re: How to give BM to toddler while mom's at work?

    i don't know that it's NOT okay to give her a bottle, but at 19mos, i would probably go ahead and try a sippy cup, just to see if she will take it that way. if she refuses/wants the bottle, then...
  14. Re: 2 wk old spitting up but still hungry - comfort nursing?


    sounds like you just have a happy spitter. you're not going to hurt your baby by feeding him too much. comfort nursing is a huge part of nursing in general.
  15. Re: 2 week old...looking for reassurance

    yes, that is totally normal for a 2 week-old. my son is 6mos, and still likes to eat every 1-2 hrs. doesn't sound as though you need to worry about supplementing with formula for any reason. :)
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    Re: Urgent please help

    many mamas i know (myself included) have had dental work done while nursing. i had a root canal when i was nursing my dd (2yrs), and everything was just fine.
  17. Re: Baby sleeping through the night. Can I too?

    your supply is already well established by 4mos, so unless you are waking in pain/uncomfortable (in which case a little hand expressing is best to relieve pressure), ENJOY THAT SLEEP!! (lucky)
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    Re: Nursing length help

    agree w/ others in that you should not watch the clock. although, i know that "time" can be drilled into new moms, because many hospitals give you nursing "tracking" sheets to log minutes, and many...
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    Re: 6-day old lost 15% body weight

    thanks mamas!!

    ok, they've got an lc coming out. yay! she has also been pumping away. :)
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    Re: 6-day old lost 15% body weight

    i'm going to encourage them to seek one out. thank you. :)

    oh, also going to encourage one of them to go ahead and register an acct here, so they can speak for themselves when it comes to the...
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    Re: 6-day old lost 15% body weight

    thank you, ladies. i will def suggest that they look into hiring an lc to come out. baby's output was very little, they said. on day 4 pp, they told me that she hadn't had many wets, and only 1...
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    6-day old lost 15% body weight

    hi, mamas. this thread is for my little cousin, who is a first-time mom to a dd who is 6 days old exactly as i type this thread. and also for me, because i'm worried that i gave bad advice to her...
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    Re: International Travel

    i agree with susan. i would do everything within my power to not wean at 10 weeks. and start stockpiling and freezing milk!

    as far as bringing home 10 days worth of expressed milk on an...
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    Re: yellow watery/mucousy stools HELP!!

    agree w/ pp... it sounds pretty normal to me, too. my dd had muscousy yellow stools off and on throughout the first.. oh, at least 6 mos. baby poop varies SO much in terms of color, texture,...
  25. Re: MIL said my son is immature. GRRR!!!

    family (esp MILs, it seems) can be the most challenging people when it comes to breastfeeding ignorance because we actually CARE about what these people think of us, and are emotionally invested in...
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