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    Re: He won't stop biting...

    Thanks so much meg! The biting has been off and on all weekend- but I'm starting to relax a little! Thanks for the pep talk!
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    He won't stop biting...

    I have read everything I can find on "biting babies" and I've tried the immediate nursing session end approach, the replace with a chew toy approach, and the firm "no" approach- not working. He...
  3. Re: Thrush medication decreasing milk supply?

    This same thing happened to me when my DD was a month old! I would feed both breast ( but I actually felt no letdowns and my breast felt empty all of the time) and she would scream and scream for...
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    Re: Pink eye and breastfeeding?

    Thank you everyone who responded! Dr confirmed it was pink eye (though plugged tear duct crossed my mind too) and we tried breastmilk. I asked the ped before I did it and she said that she had heard...
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    Pink eye and breastfeeding?

    Okay so I may be posting the weirdest question on here, ever! My DS is 5 months and may have pink eye (not confirmed, dr office visit today). His eye, since last night, has been red swollen and...
  6. Re: Breast aversion...only nurses while asleep

    Hey I know this is an old post- I was just wondering if any of the moms on here now are having this issue- I am! It seems to be kind of one thing after another! (OALD, OS, tongue tie- all now...
  7. Re: Freeze immediately and reduce lipase impact?

    Mommal- you rock with info!!!! I so appreciate everyone on these forums! I tell all new moms about them!

    Does anyone know the average time a woman with excessive lipase can freeze and keep milk...
  8. Re: Freeze immediately and reduce lipase impact?

    Thank you! Lipase is such a pain!!! So the enzyme breaks down faster in warmer temps? If I pump the day OF work should I put the milk in the freezer just in case- I have been pumping, putting it in...
  9. Freeze immediately and reduce lipase impact?

    I had horrible lipase issues at the end of pumping for my daughter, however she still drank the milk so I was told by several LCs that there was no problem. My son is 4 months and I have to pump for...
  10. Re: Clumsy at positioning still at 3 months

    I'm with you girl! Although I haven't had the same issues youve had, I've had my share this time around! Keep on keeping on!

    Also, I had nipple cracks with both children early on- with my DD, I...
  11. Re: 4 mo hard to latch on except sleepy or really hungry!

    Thank you girls! I just let baby play and trusted him to tell me when today and it went well:) I think I need to trust our bodies! Thanks for the support always!!!!
  12. 4 mo hard to latch on except sleepy or really hungry!

    My son and I had an interesting start to our nursing relationship- too much milk and a tongue tie. But things have improved! Now I'm having trouble even getting him to latch and stay for a feeding!!!...
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    Re: Bed sharing and night time feedings

    Thank you for your advice guys! I'm also so glad to hear that the return of a period doesn't always mean breastfeeding is over (something I've been told by several people!) we are going to try the...
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    Bed sharing and night time feedings

    So we have now begun bedsharing- something we did and continue to do with my dd. It was awesome with her, she could latch on and feed when ever she needed. Well the first time we tried it with my ds,...
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    Exercises after Tongue Tie Revision

    So after two months of crazy problems- we found out our DS had a tongue tie! Today we had the "clipping"- easy peasy! Latched right on and we were good! But I asked the doctor if I should do...
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    Re: I'm afraid my child hates nursing:(

    Also we are two months into this...
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    I'm afraid my child hates nursing:(

    Although we haven't had terrible obstacles, we have had a tough time since we left the hospital. My DS latched right on seconds after birth and nursed like a champ.... Then we came home:(

    We have...
  18. How long from ice pack- fridge to freezer?

    I pump two days a week and save my milk in Medela bottles in my pump ice pack until I'm home. As soon as I get home, I slide that ice pack with milk right into the fridge. Then right before bed, I...
  19. Re: How do you finish first breast first with a "snacker"?

    I'm sure you guys get asked this all of the time, but if I only pump out 2-3 oz, won't it be loaded with "foremilk"... Thus making him gassy when he is fed that in my absence? If this is a silly...
  20. Re: How do you finish first breast first with a "snacker"?

    mommal!!! You were right, oversupply strikes again:( I had it working for a few day and then I'm full again and have a fussy baby:( are some women's supplies just temperamental or am I doing...
  21. Re: How do you finish first breast first with a "snacker"?

    I mentioned on a post before- I have to pump for a two day a week job and last Thursday I pumped 12 oz in 10 minutes. This morning I pumped 6oz in 10 minutes... More reasonable supply for feeding a...
  22. How do you finish first breast first with a "snacker"?

    Yes this is my third post in two weeks- I must be going for some record! Thank you all for your support so far!

    I may have corrected my OALD and oversupply with lay back nursing and block nursing...
  23. Mother taking supplements- help or hurt?

    I have an odd question- I have always taken vitamins and supplements throughout my adult life for health enhancement. I generally cut down on supplements during pregnancy and then begin again whilst...
  24. Re: Second Time Mom- challenging nursing this time around!

    Yes... I do mean 12 oz in a 10 minute pump session. A big blessing in the long run, but right now an obstacle. Thank you all for your advice! I tried laid back nursing this afternoon- no fussing at...
  25. Re: Second Time Mom- challenging nursing this time around!

    I pump twice a week M/Th- once in morning and then on afternoon, 10 minutes a time, with an electric pump. I work at a Mother's Day out program:) so not often at all...
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